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Studying For A Degree In Sport – A Mythbuster

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the standing of university level Sport courses at colleges and the difference to studying them at universities. Not just here at The Sheffield College, but all over the country. Read on as we try and clear a few bits up!

You have to go to university to get a university level qualification in Sport, don’t you?

No. The Sheffield College offers the following:


But a degree at a college isn’t a ‘proper degree’ is it?

Of course it is. Our Foundation Degree Sport and Exercise Coaching course is validated by Sheffield Hallam University meaning it meets the exact same standards that have to be adhered to – they just cost less!

Ok, well surely employers prefer degrees from universities?


Not true. Employers rank work experience, an impressive CV and the actual qualification over prestige. The Foundation Degree Sport and Exercise Coaching course offers opportunities to gain experience through work-based learning and the option to complete additional coaching qualifications whilst on the course.

What if I want to top it up to a full honours degree?


That’s fine. Our validation with Sheffield Hallam means that upon completion, and assuming conditions are met, you will be offered a place on their BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching degree or alternatively you can stay with us and top-up to a full degree in Sport Management.

How are your links to industry?

At The Sheffield College, our Sports department work in close partnership with:

  • Sheffield Wednesday FC
  • Sheffield United FC
  • Sheffield FC
  • Sheffield Sharks

Are the facilities better at a University?


We have some of the best facilities around including:

  • 3G all-weather pitches
  • Gym
  • Sports Hall
  • Dance Studios

Won’t I miss out on the ‘university lifestyle’?

First of all, the stereotypical lifestyle is not for everyone. People in different stages of their lives want different things from university. We’re primed in a position to cater for all.

If you don’t yet have the requirements to get on to our Sport and Exercise Science Foundation Degree, why not check out our Access to Sport course? Perfect for those who have been out of education for a little while!

5 reasons a career in education and teaching is for you

Thinking about entering the world of education and teaching? Here’s why it’s the right choice for you:

  • Helping people to be the best they can be

People are motivated by different things when they enter the world of work. For some it’s money, for others it’s giving back to the community and job satisfaction. In education, it’s the latter – although the money’s pretty good too. You will oversee the personal and academic development throughout the time you spend with your students, whether you work in Primary Education or in Higher Education. There’s no better than feeling than making a permanent impact on somebody else’s life

  • Share your passions

One of the best things about being in education is that you get to do what you love. That can be from helping the little ones to read and write or it could be passing on your history knowledge to a group of enthusiastic A Level students. You get to teach the subject that you have a real passion for and ensure that the future of your specialism looks good

  • Become a master of your subject

There’s an old adage that suggests the only way to really know your subject inside out is to teach it. Teaching the subject that you love and have studied is a great way to improve your specialisms as you face questions from inquisitive students on a daily basis – including some you may not yet know the definitive answer to. Every day really is a learning day!

  • Opportunities and progression

There are loads of opportunities in education and teaching. For starters there are essentially five different brackets of age ranges that you could be working with. These are:

  • Nursery
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • College/Sixth Form
  • Higher Education

There is the option to work with all age ranges throughout your career in education as you are not limited to working with just one age range. This will make you an experienced teacher and give you the variety you need as an employee.

Whilst you must follow the curriculum that has been set, you have scope within that to be as creative as you want in your application of teaching practices.

You will have the opportunities to progress with your job as well from Teacher to Head of Year and Head of Department, to Assistant, Deputy and Head Teacher/Principal for the more ambitious of you.

  • No two days are the same

It’s all a bit cliché, but they’re really not. Every day is different depending on what topic you might be teaching, the people you might be teaching and how you choose to teach your lesson. Basically the more you put into teaching, and the more exciting you seek to make learning for others, the more the students will get out of it and the more you will enjoy it yourself.

It may be hard work but it’s extremely rewarding, ask any teacher you know – oh and they’ll probably point out that the holidays are alright too!

If you are looking at qualifying as a teacher, we thoroughly recommend checking out our PGCE course here at The Sheffield College by clicking here today!


What Do Dental Technicians Do On A Daily Basis?

The reason you commit so much time and effort into a degree, really, is to embark on a career path. A career path in something related to your degree.

Our Foundation Degree in Dental Technology gives you the chance to walk straight on to our BSc Dental Technology top-up course AND be ready to enter the industry as a dental technician/dental technologist upon completion.

But what exactly does being a dental technician/dental technologist entail?

Well, the NHS describe the role as this:

Dental technicians (or dental technologists as they are often referred to) make the dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces that improve patients’ appearance, speech and ability to chew.

Working life


Working to dentists’ or doctors’ prescriptions, technicians/technologists use a wide range of materials such as gold, porcelain and plastic to design and construct appliances to meet each patient’s needs

As a technician/technologist, much of your work will be done by hand to fine-tune each piece to exact specifications, but you will also work with specialised equipment in the laboratory. Since each patient is unique, no two pieces are the same and absolute precision is essential to make sure the device is comfortable and effective for the patient.

Technicians and technologists use a wide range of materials to design and construct appliances and work in four specialist areas:

  • prosthodontic technicians design and make dentures
  • conservation technicians specialise in crown and bridge work
  • orthodontic technicians make braces to correct tooth positions
  • maxillofacial technicians’ work is based in hospital oral surgery, ophthalmic, cancer and burns units, helping to reconstruct the faces of patients damaged by accident or disease

Dental technicians may also work directly with patients in a clinic alongside a dentist or clinical dental technician.

Clinical dental technicians


Clinical dental technicians are dental technicians who have undertaken specific clinical training to enable them to design, create, construct, modify and fit removeable dental appliances for patients. In this role, you would be able to provide dentures direct to patients with no natural teeth, or work with and to the prescription of a dentist to provide partial dentures for patients with some teeth. This is an interesting option for dental technicians who would like to have direct contact with patients.

An important part of the role is to check on the patient’s general dental welfare.

Entry requirements, skills and interests


To work as a dental technician/dental technologist, you must be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). The design of our course has been defined by the standards and scope of practice of the GDC which, here’s the good news, means that once you’ve finished your course with us, the GDC will allow you to register straight away.

As well as knowing about the properties of the necessary materials to construct dental appliances, you will need an excellent understanding of dental and facial anatomy. This is a highly skilled job and you might also have some artistic ability.



At The Sheffield College we have specialist, on-site Dental Laboratories for you to cut your craft, as well as all the latest industry-spec equipment. The Dental Technology department also has access to the Science department’s laboratories so when it comes to taking that job, there’ll be nothing to take you by surprise!

To find out more about our Foundation Degree in Dental Technology, or to apply, please click here to view the course page. 

Studying Art And Design, It’s Cathartic!

At The Sheffield College we have developed a fantastic reputation as one of the best for studying Design and Visual Arts courses. Our diverse range of courses and expert tutors, many of whom still work in the industry, puts us in a great position to help you get achieve that goal of yours. You know, that degree you always wanted to do in Art and Design?


Our Access to University courses are perfect for those of you who have been out of education and don’t have the entry requirements for university, to get those entry requirements for degree level study. Here’s why our Art and Design Access Course is not only great for your career, but also for you

Art Breeds Happiness


It’s true! Art provides stimulus to parts of the brain other subjects don’t reach. It makes you look at things in a new light, from a different perspective. It gives you the chance to express yourself creatively, express the seemingly inexpressible and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

The thing with those who do art is that it gives them genuine enjoyment. There’s something magical about the way the pottery wheel spins or how a smear of a pencil can give a drawing a totally new meaning. A new effect. It taps into your imagination and provides a creative outlet.

We know it’ll be your favourite course already!

Provides Enhanced Skill Sets


Art enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills. Pretty important day-to-day transferable skills gained will help you in all walks of life.

It’s no secret that materials that are arranged and presented in an eye-catching manner have an upper-hand on those which are not!

Sheffield – The Creative City

Sheffield College Helena Dolby-601 (1).jpg

Sheffield’s history may have been in steel manufacture but its future is the creative arts. From small art galleries and design shows to graphic design agencies producing work from converted industrial buildings, Sheffield has one of the fastest growing creative industries in the UK. The scene is diverse and the opportunities plentiful.

Leading agencies, many of whom our former students own or work for, base themselves in Sheffield and the Workstation provides a creative hub for local agencies putting on workshops for all. This sense of a creative community is certainly growing in Sheffield and creative meet-ups are becoming more common. They’re always popping back in for masterclasses and to check out our end of year exhibitions. Be part of the movement!

Top Class Facilities


Top art facilities are hard to come by but we know they’re essential to allowing your creativity to blossom. At The Sheffield College we have some of the best in the city.

Based at our Hillsborough Campus, we have just decked out our design studios with the latest Macs and design software whilst we also have facilities for 2D and 3D specialist disciplines including: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, applied arts, ceramics, metal work and jewellery, product design, furniture, interior design, architecture, communication media, graphics, illuastration and animation, textiles, surface design and fashion!

Work On Your Portfolio




Your portfolio is essential for your progression and future career. It’s pretty much a must have for any designer or artist in terms of job prospects but also for getting on to a degree course.
On our Access to University course we will help you to build a strong portfolio, mounting and storing work in it at the end of of each project, as you sample many different artistic disciplines with the chance to start looking towards a specialism.. Similarly, your sketchbook will form a vital part of your course. Filling on your sketchbook will become habitual and used for collecting and documenting research material.

And with that you’re in a pretty good position to progress on to one of our degree courses; whether that’s straight onto our Foundation Degree in Graphic Design or topping-up to a full degree with our BA (Hons) Creative Digital Practice (top-up). Makes sense, doesn’t it?!

Foundation Degree in Policing Studies – A Mythbuster

At The Sheffield College we offer a number of university level courses; including Foundation Degrees, HNC/Ds, BA Hons, Top-up courses and professional qualifications. What a lot of people aren’t sure about is the difference between studying here or at a university. We clear it up below for our Policing Studies course…

You have to go to university to get a university level qualification in Policing, don’t you?

No. The Sheffield College offers the following:

  • FdA Policing Studies

But a degree at a college isn’t a ‘proper degree’ is it?

Of course it is. Our Policing Studies Foundation Degree is validated by Sheffield Hallam University meaning that it meets the exact same standards that have to be adhered to by all universities – it’s just less debt for you!

Ok, well surely employers prefer degrees from universities?

Not true. Employers rank work experience, an impressive CV and the actual qualification over prestige. The Policing Studies Foundation Degree focuses heavily on employability and involves intensive and consistent work-based learning with employers.

How are your links to industry?

As mentioned above, this course is heavily employability focussed. We will help you to apply to the Police Specials or work within an actual criminal justice work placement. Placements could be with a number of local organisations including South Yorkshire Police Special Constabulary, Sheffield Youth Offending Service or Victim Support.

Aside from visits and talks from the police and the criminal justice system, our lecturers are also former police officers who have inside knowledge and advice to pass on from when they were in the industry. Previous students who have gone directly into employment have found this has made the course and the transition into work easier.

What if I want to top-up to a full honours degree?

Our course enables learners to internally progress on to a full Honours Degree in Criminal Justice Practice at Sheffield Hallam University.

What facilities does the college have?

Our well-stocked library has just been stocked with a vast new range of criminal justice books ready for next academic year. We also dedicated university level area within college with a common room you to spend time in.

If necessary, you will also have access to Sheffield Hallam University as an associate student. This will grant you access to their library, including books and journals, as well as a quiet study area you can book.

What do you study on a policing degree?

  • Police Procedure
  • Introducing Criminology
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Psychology and Crime
  • Knowledge of offender management
  • Contemporary Police and Policing
  • Criminological Theory
  • Work-based Learning in Policing and Criminal Justice
  • Policing and Legal Frameworks
  • High risk and serious offenders

Will a policing degree actually get me in the police service?

Unfortunately, as with any degree, nothing is guaranteed.

However, you will learn much more about the role, it will show determination and focus on your CV and allow you to mature whilst learning relevant information for your chosen career – all whilst getting a degree at a reduced cost!!

If you are interested in our Foundation Degree in Policing Studies, please click here for more…

Gordon Ramsay Just Loves Judging People’s Meals

Perennial potty-mouth, Gordon Ramsay, knows a bit more than a thing or two about cooking. Once he solves all our kitchen nightmares he nipped across the pond to sort theirs out too. Now, he’s taking on the world of Twitter by providing a critique of meals he’s sent. Needless to say he only speaks the truth – but my, he does it so very well!

Here’s some of our favourites:











Don’t let Gordon rinse you on Twitter. Get yourself on our Professional Cookery course at The Sheffield College today! 

Wait – A David Attenborough VR Tutor is coming?!

It’s possible that you, like us, have always harboured a secret ambition to be best friends with David Attenborough.

The soothing voice, the look of grandfatherly kindness, the stories of tracking rare species in remote corners of the globe — that’s BFF material right there, isn’t it?

Well, the bad news is you’re probably never going to get your wish.

The good news? You can at least make friends with his hologram.

On Thursday, Sky announced that they’re partnering with the Natural History Museum to create a virtual reality experience which will include a 3D hologram of Attenborough.

The Hold The World experience involves guests handling VR fossils and bones under the legendary TV presenter’s expert tutorage.

“I have enjoyed helping people to discover more about the natural world, and Hold The World offers people a unique opportunity: to examine rare objects, some millions of years old, up close,” Attenborough said in a press release.

“It represents an extraordinary new step in how people can explore and experience nature, all from the comfort of their own homes and I am delighted to be able to help users uncover some of the treasures the Natural History Museum has to offer in a thrilling new way.”

As great as David is, you’ll not be able to carry him everywhere or ask him questions. One of our Animal Care and Management courses, however, will give you an in-depth knowledge of the Animal Kingdom. Click here to find out more…

This Twitter account rounding up local British news is hilarious

We’ve all seen them. They make you shudder, chuckle, text your mates a copy. But the reality is terrible headlines and news stories will always exist. Exist in a realm of local news where something needs to happen in the sleepiest of villages.

As such, news that isn’t really news but just a bit daft ends up becoming legend. Forever fabled into print. Here are some of our favourites from @craplocalnews!


View image on Twitter

Record Store Day 2017 – A Guide To Sheffield

Music revellers, rejoice! For today is Record Store Day. The 10th Record Store Day. A day dedicated to feeling the needle hit the groove. Get out there, support your independent record shops and keep an eye out for those limited edition 12″. This is Our Favourite Places’ guide to Sheffield 2017.

Spinning Discs

Chesterfield Road’s Spinning Discs are teaming up with their neighbours to bring you a full day of live music, tasty food and refreshing beverages. The shop opens at 9am and if you spend £50 in store you’ll get a free tote bag, if you spend £100 or more you’ll get a Pete McKee Record Store Day t-shirt (while stocks last). After you’ve stocked up on records, Wah Wahs (the Mexican restaurant next door) will be hosting a day of live music between 12pm and 7pm with Sheffield indie lads High Hazels headlining the event with an exclusive stripped back set.

Record Junkee

Record Junkee on Earl Street will be partying on through the night this Record Store Day with a whole host of guests. During the day there’ll be exclusive acoustic in-store performances (bands to be announced) as shoppers hunt through the racks of vinyl. Once the doors have closed there’ll be live music in-store (line up to be announced) until 11pm when John ‘The Rev’ McClure from Reverend and the Makers will take to the decks. If that’s not enough, the shop is also hosting local band October Drift’s official after party. You’ll need tickets for entry after 8pm.

Bear Tree Records

Now in their larger, more stocked space in Orchard Square, Bear Tree Recordshave released a huge list of RSD releases they’ll have in store on the 22nd – you can find it here. They’ll also be hosting a blind-buy charity sale with prizes including signed records from Richard Hawley, Drenge, Milburn and Sleaford Mods, with all the money going to The Cathedral Archer Project. As well as this, they’re releasing some limited edition tie-dye Bear Tree t-shirts and new colour tote bags designed by local artist Tom J Newell. If that’s not enough, there’ll be FREE CAKE for all shoppers! Bear Tree opens at 8am and be prepared to queue earlier than that if you want first dibs on the RSD releases.

Tonearm Vinyl

The always cheerful and excellently stocked Tonearm Vinyl are teaming up with Walkley Beer Co. to host an afternoon of live music, DJs and beer this Record Store Day. In-store DJ sets will come from Sheffield’s Mads n da Bads DJs and Macho Music Is Stupid, while the live music will be provided by Tony Nicholson, Charles MacDonald-Jones and Mugshots Of Criminals across the road in Walkley Beer Co. As a special RSD offer, customers will receive £2 off every £10 they spend in Tonearm Vinyl.

Record Collector

Sheffield oldest record shop and national haven for vinyl addicts Record Collector has had two pallets worth of RSD stock delivered. Their long RSD list features everything from Aqua to Bowie to Goat – get down for when it opens at 8am and keep an eye on Twitter for updates as stuff sells out.

LP Records

Arundel Street’s LP Records is also taking part in RSD. More details coming soon.

If you’re bang into your records, why not check out one of our music courses here at The Sheffield College and learn more about the process that goes into making a record. Click here for more…

‘Today is the most exciting time to be in the biological sciences’

It’s a pretty exciting time to be involved in a lot of things with technological advancements keeping on coming at a rate of knots.

Often when you think of new techs you think of gadgets; laptops, smart phones, virtual reality and such. How many of you have thought about how technology is going to improve healthcare, though?

This article from Business Insider UK, though from an American company, gives a fantastic insight into the sort of work they are conducting and what it’s like to be in the forefront of going where nobody else has before, saving lives in the process.

Daria Hazuda, Merck’s vice president of infectious disease discovery and chief scientific officer of MRL Cambridge Exploratory Science Center, is a 25-year industry veteran.

That means the researcher has been in drug discovery — the earliest stage of the drug development process — long enough to see her fair share of successes, like the development of treatments for HIV, as well as failures.

But of all the years of innovation and cutting-edge ideas she’s experienced, she told Business Insider that right now is the best time to be in the field.

“Today is the most exciting time to be in the biological sciences,” she told Business Insider.

That’s for a few reasons, she said.

  • There’s been an explosion of new research on the microbiome, or the microorganisms that live in and on our bodies that play a role in our overall health, compared to five years ago when there was just a trickle of new developments.
  • Then there’s CRISPR, the groundbreaking gene-editing tool that could one day manipulate cells to create new therapies.
  • There’s also been better research on the immune system, which in turn is helping build a better understanding of infectious diseases, Hazuda said.
  • Research in to infectious disease biology, the research Hazuda works on, is now expanding beyond pathogens (the bacteria, viruses or other organisms that cause disease). Now, Hazuda and other researchers are learning more about entire “constellations of organisms,” such as mosquitoes or zebra fish. These external creatures could be an important piece of human health, even if they’re not inside the body, she said.

But even with these developments, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the biological sciences, Hazuda said. It’s why her employer Merck set up a video in which the company asked people what inventions they can’t wait for. Very few mentioned new ways to treat diseases.

“It’s important for people to understand that there are still amazing discoveries that are yet to be made,” she said. “What looks crazy today will become routine in the future.”


At The Sheffield College you can gain a degree in exactly all of the above, Biological Sciences. To check out the course contents, please click here.