Studying For A Degree In Sport – A Mythbuster

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the standing of university level Sport courses at colleges and the difference to studying them at universities. Not just here at The Sheffield College, but all over the country. Read on as we try and clear a few bits up!

You have to go to university to get a university level qualification in Sport, don’t you?

No. The Sheffield College offers the following:


But a degree at a college isn’t a ‘proper degree’ is it?

Of course it is. Our Foundation Degree Sport and Exercise Coaching course is validated by Sheffield Hallam University meaning it meets the exact same standards that have to be adhered to – they just cost less!

Ok, well surely employers prefer degrees from universities?


Not true. Employers rank work experience, an impressive CV and the actual qualification over prestige. The Foundation Degree Sport and Exercise Coaching course offers opportunities to gain experience through work-based learning and the option to complete additional coaching qualifications whilst on the course.

What if I want to top it up to a full honours degree?


That’s fine. Our validation with Sheffield Hallam means that upon completion, and assuming conditions are met, you will be offered a place on their BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching degree or alternatively you can stay with us and top-up to a full degree in Sport Management.

How are your links to industry?

At The Sheffield College, our Sports department work in close partnership with:

  • Sheffield Wednesday FC
  • Sheffield United FC
  • Sheffield FC
  • Sheffield Sharks

Are the facilities better at a University?


We have some of the best facilities around including:

  • 3G all-weather pitches
  • Gym
  • Sports Hall
  • Dance Studios

Won’t I miss out on the ‘university lifestyle’?

First of all, the stereotypical lifestyle is not for everyone. People in different stages of their lives want different things from university. We’re primed in a position to cater for all.

If you don’t yet have the requirements to get on to our Sport and Exercise Science Foundation Degree, why not check out our Access to Sport course? Perfect for those who have been out of education for a little while!


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