Studying Art And Design, It’s Cathartic!

At The Sheffield College we have developed a fantastic reputation as one of the best for studying Design and Visual Arts courses. Our diverse range of courses and expert tutors, many of whom still work in the industry, puts us in a great position to help you get achieve that goal of yours. You know, that degree you always wanted to do in Art and Design?


Our Access to University courses are perfect for those of you who have been out of education and don’t have the entry requirements for university, to get those entry requirements for degree level study. Here’s why our Art and Design Access Course is not only great for your career, but also for you

Art Breeds Happiness


It’s true! Art provides stimulus to parts of the brain other subjects don’t reach. It makes you look at things in a new light, from a different perspective. It gives you the chance to express yourself creatively, express the seemingly inexpressible and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

The thing with those who do art is that it gives them genuine enjoyment. There’s something magical about the way the pottery wheel spins or how a smear of a pencil can give a drawing a totally new meaning. A new effect. It taps into your imagination and provides a creative outlet.

We know it’ll be your favourite course already!

Provides Enhanced Skill Sets


Art enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills. Pretty important day-to-day transferable skills gained will help you in all walks of life.

It’s no secret that materials that are arranged and presented in an eye-catching manner have an upper-hand on those which are not!

Sheffield – The Creative City

Sheffield College Helena Dolby-601 (1).jpg

Sheffield’s history may have been in steel manufacture but its future is the creative arts. From small art galleries and design shows to graphic design agencies producing work from converted industrial buildings, Sheffield has one of the fastest growing creative industries in the UK. The scene is diverse and the opportunities plentiful.

Leading agencies, many of whom our former students own or work for, base themselves in Sheffield and the Workstation provides a creative hub for local agencies putting on workshops for all. This sense of a creative community is certainly growing in Sheffield and creative meet-ups are becoming more common. They’re always popping back in for masterclasses and to check out our end of year exhibitions. Be part of the movement!

Top Class Facilities


Top art facilities are hard to come by but we know they’re essential to allowing your creativity to blossom. At The Sheffield College we have some of the best in the city.

Based at our Hillsborough Campus, we have just decked out our design studios with the latest Macs and design software whilst we also have facilities for 2D and 3D specialist disciplines including: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, applied arts, ceramics, metal work and jewellery, product design, furniture, interior design, architecture, communication media, graphics, illuastration and animation, textiles, surface design and fashion!

Work On Your Portfolio




Your portfolio is essential for your progression and future career. It’s pretty much a must have for any designer or artist in terms of job prospects but also for getting on to a degree course.
On our Access to University course we will help you to build a strong portfolio, mounting and storing work in it at the end of of each project, as you sample many different artistic disciplines with the chance to start looking towards a specialism.. Similarly, your sketchbook will form a vital part of your course. Filling on your sketchbook will become habitual and used for collecting and documenting research material.

And with that you’re in a pretty good position to progress on to one of our degree courses; whether that’s straight onto our Foundation Degree in Graphic Design or topping-up to a full degree with our BA (Hons) Creative Digital Practice (top-up). Makes sense, doesn’t it?!


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