5 things you need to know before applying for an Apprenticeship

There’s no better time to start an Apprenticeship than now. There are more Apprenticeships than ever before that have been designed by employers which go all the way up to degree level. This week is National Apprenticeship Week – a celebration of all things Apprenticeships – so with that in mind here are 5 things that you need to know before applying…

The application process


If you’ve decided that an Apprenticeship is for you, you’ll want to know how you go about applying for one. Don’t worry, the process is easy. With around 100 live vacancies at any one time across 15 different sectors, there’s plenty to choose from.

You can view all of our live vacancies here.

Once you’ve viewed the vacancies and found one you like the sound of, hit apply and follow the easy steps. We’ll pick it up and take it from there.

The recruitment process

Once you’ve applied, our Job Connect Team will pick up your application and let you know it’s been received. They’ll make sure you meet the requirements – if not check out our Apprentice Advantage course – before inviting you in for a chat about the vacancy you’ve applied for.

From there, your CV will be sent to the employer who will make a decision. If you’re successful you’ll be invited to an interview (or two) before hopefully getting a job offer and enrolling on your course with us.

When can I start?


Before applying for an Apprenticeship always check the start date. Apprenticeships, unlike courses, don’t have to start in September meaning that you can start as soon as you finish school in July – just make sure you’re available.

Dates are rolling throughout the year so there will always be something starting soon.

How much will I get paid?

There’s not really a set amount for how much an Apprentice will get paid. It essentially depends on the employer and your age.

From April 2017, if you’re aged 16-18 or are aged 19+ and in the first year of your Apprenticeship, you will be paid a minimum of £3.50 an hour. Everyone else will be paid the national minimum wage as a minimum.

A lot of employers tend to pay more than this but always check the vacancy description. Oh, and, 46% of Apprentices have received a pay rise since completing their Apprenticeship.

What can I do on an Apprenticeship?


When you finish your Apprenticeship you’ve got a couple of options. They are:

If an Apprenticeship sounds like it might be for you and you would like to apply, or you would just like to find out some more information, please visit www.sheffcol.ac.uk/apprenticeships, email jobconnect@sheffcol.ac.uk or give us a ring on 0114 260 2600.


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