7 skills you should have to get a job at Google, Apple, or Microsoft

When you’re looking into the career that you want to do, you often just settle on a job role and head towards that. It’s hard to know exactly what skills you need without delving deep into a job spec. That is why it’s great news that American job site Paysa have taken a close look at the CVs of people who work at Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to get a sense of what skills those employees had in common.

Here’s what you need to compete for a job with some of the biggest players in tech:

Designers should know:

Designers should know:

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

1. User interface design

2. Graphic design

3. Web design

4. Photoshop

5. Illustrator

6. Information architecture

7. Art direction

Software Engineers should know:

1. c++/c/c#

2. Java

3. Software development

4. Python

5. Javascript

6. Agile methodologies

7. SQL

Product Managers should know:

Product managers should know:

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

1. Project management

2. Leadership

3. Customer service

4. Strategy

5. Cloud computing

6. Product marketing

7. Enterprise software

Data scientists should know:

Data scientists should know:

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

1. Data analysis

2. SQL

3. Project management

4. Machine learning

5. Data mining

6. Business analysis

7. Python


At The Sheffield College we have a number of courses which will help you box off a number of those skills on your CV. Whether that’s on one of our Graphic Design courses, one of our IT courses or a Project Management course, there’s something to cater for everyone. Click here for more…


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