Your Next Steps: Progression Week – The Options

Cast your mind back to last week; it wasn’t that long ago but it feels like quite a lot has happened in the interim.

Here at The Sheffield College, we hosted Your Next Steps: Progression Week, a week long, campus-wide event designed to support our students in taking that next step in education or towards employment.

During the week we invited employers in for drop-in sessions and talks, had stalls and advice on hand to supply students with information on things such as Work Experience, Apprenticeships and interview techniques AND our mates Street Food Chef and Whirlow Hall Farm were handing out free food!

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But what now? Where could you progress to? Well…

Prepare for an Apprenticeship/Employment with Apprentice Advantage/Career Go

If you’ve completed a Level 1 course with us, you might be thinking of employment or an Apprenticeship as your next step. You might feel you need a little boost when applying for these and a few skills to help you complete them. Our specially designed Apprentice Advantage and Career Go courses equip you with those exact skills.

View Apprentice Advantage here

Progress onto a higher level course at The Sheffield College

It might be that you’re reaching the end of your course and you’re wondering where next. Up is the answer. The course that you have just completed may have another at the level above for you to progress onto in which case you should definitely check out. If not, your Tutor Mentor will be able to advise the best progression based on your wishes.

Check out course list here.

Study on an Apprenticeship

Just because you’ve previously studied a vocational qualification doesn’t mean that you can’t then do an Apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are open to students of all ages and we have loads of them in loads of different subjects here at college, including Higher Apprenticeships (degree level). If you’re interested in an Apprenticeship with us, check out our vacancies today or have a chat with our Apprenticeship Recruitment service, Job Connect.

Click to view our Apprenticeship vacancies here

University Level Study

A time may come in your education when you’re ready to go to university. If it does come to considering where you want to go for university, remember you can stay with us at The Sheffield College and study for a number of degrees. You’ll graduate with the exact same degree you would anywhere else, just with less debt. And we all like less debt when it comes to tuition fees!

To view our selection of university level courses at The Sheffield College, please click here

Move into Employment

When you’ve finished your studies it might be the right time for you to move into employment. If you’re not quite sure what path that’s going to take make sure you book some time in with our Career Advisers and take advantage of our interview tips and technique advice before you leave. Oh, and don’t forget to come back to us when you’re up-skilling your professional qualifications!

If you have any questions about what you learnt over Your Next Steps: Progression Week or need some advice about your progression, please talk to your Tutor Mentor.


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