Hobbies You Can Turn Into Jobs!

A lot of people fear that when they start a job their hobbies will fall by the wayside. For those people who don’t make, or simply don’t have, the time to pursue them any further this may be true. However, there is absolutely nothing from stopping you turning your hobbies into your work…

Here are some job roles that you can apply your hobbies to!

Voice-over Artist

Hobby: Acting

Course: Performing Arts Acting Level 3

As a Voice-over Artist you will get the opportunity to read and interpret scripts and portray the tone required of their role in a variety of media like TV, movies, adverts, video games, and movie trailers.


Hobby: Singing/Music

Course: Diploma in Music Level 2

If you love playing and making music, there are opportunities to make money from your hobby. Obviously it takes a lot of talent, and luck, to make it to the top but many people do make some money from gigging at various venues. There may also be opportunities to be hired as a Session Musician to play on tours or in recording studios.

If you are more into the technology side of the industry, a role as a Sound Engineer could be for you!

Freelance Writer/Journalist

Hobby: Writing

Course: Journalism

Writers develop written content for advertisements, books, newspapers, magazines, movie and TV scripts, songs, blogs, or other types of media. The list really is endless as text will always need to be generated one way or an other for a whole host of companies.

Content articles are currently massive in the world of marketing and companies are often looking for writers to produce said content.

Wedding Photographer

Hobby: Photography

Course: Digital Photography

Wedding photographers use their technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images of couples’ big days. People get married all year round so once set up, experience gained and reputations built, you could be looking at a steady flow of work.

Freelance Designer

Hobby: Graphic design

Course: Graphics & Web Design Level 3

Freelance Designers create graphic designs for by computer or by hand for, well, anything that needs designing. You could be looking at designing websites, signage and other digital pieces or it may be more geared toward print by designing posters, leaflets and other magazines.

Online Craft Shops

Hobby: Knitting or crocheting

Course: Textiles

The birth of the internet all those years ago is now being used to bring creative communities closer together. In times gone by it may have been unrealistic to sell crafts you have made in your spare time for profit. However after online marketplaces such as Etsy have made this a very realistic prospect, people are now beginning to reap the rewards!

Professional Chef/Caterer

Hobby: Cooking

Course: Professional Cookery

Many people say they love cooking but don’t have the time to do so. So, if it was possible to have the time and get paid to do so, that must sound ideal! With more and more restaurants opening each day and people eating out more than ever, there’s never been a higher demand for Chefs.

If the hours are a bit unsociable for you, then you could alternatively cater for parties and events.

Sports Coaching

Hobby: Watching/participating in Sport

Course: Sport Level 2 Coaching Pathway

There’s a whole lot of people out there who adore sport. Unfortunately it is only the very elite who often get the opportunity to participate, but there are many other ways to be involved.

With the investment in grassroots of all major sports, there are now fantastic opportunities to coach and keep your passion alive.

Tour Guide

Hobby: Travel

Course: Travel and Tourism

Is there a better way to travel the world and get paid for it than being a Tour Guide? See the sights, learn and share the facts all whilst it being your job and not accumulating a wealth of travel debt!

Many tours abroad are obviously given in the countries native tongue however English tours are also available and probably looking for staff!

If you are looking for a starting point to pursue any of the above careers, follow the relevant link to the adjoining course and give it a go this January!


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