Make Part-Time Study Your New Year’s Resolution

Is there a New Year’s Resolution that you keep going back to year on year, always promising yourself that this will be the year that you stick to it? Maybe it’s giving up smoking, or biting your nails. Or perhaps it’s learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby, so what better place to start than with a part-time course at The Sheffield College.

We’ve got a wide variety of courses available for part-time study; from hobby courses like Bee-Keeping and Cake Decorating, to professional qualifications that will help you to propel your career in a new direction.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should think about studying part-time:

  1. Courses that fit around your lifestyle

Many of our part-time courses are delivered just one day per week, usually during the evening, so it’s easier for you to fit it around your family commitments or other hobbies!

  1. Give your career a boost

We offer a selection of courses that are perfect for advancing your career (such as professional accounting qualifications) and because they’re offered part time you can study around your current job.

  1. Financial Flexibility

Studying part-time can mean that you spread the costs of your course out so you’re not paying as much upfront. Depending on your course and eligibility you might also be entitled to a loan to help cover your course fees. To check eligibility for a loan, please click here.

  1. Personal Development

Not only does part-time study contribute to your professionalism, but it uplifts personal development and builds self-confidence.

  1. Just for fun!

You don’t need an excuse to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby other than you enjoy it! If you love baking but want to develop your decorating talents then you might fancy our short course in Sugar Paste techniques.

So what are you waiting for? Head to our website to check out all the part-time courses we have available at The Sheffield College, we’ll see you in 2017!


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