Top 10 Modern Christmas Films + Best Wintry Sheffield Photos

It’s not that easy to find a really good Christmas film that you haven’t done to death. The classics are rightly recycled year on year, but why not watch something a bit more modern. A bit more like Elf – if that was your bag! Here’s Forbes’ top 10 list of the Best Modern Christmas Films…

10. A Christmas Carol — Visually stunning and actually quite faithful to the original story, this film gets a bum rap from a lot of people but it’s imaginative and entertaining, and worth a watch if you’ve not seen it already.


9. The Polar Express — A modern classic, magnificent in execution and heart, and is among the best Christmas films for the entire family.

8. Arthur Christmas — Funny and smart, with amazing animation and one of only a few modern Christmas movies to feature a story with Santa Claus.

7. Bad Santa — Definitely not a film for the whole family, but it’s hilarious and raunchy while still delivering a story of redemption and belief in people’s potential for good.

6. In Bruges — Dark at times, funny at others, this is a another quirky story of unsavory characters seeking redemption, and the beautiful scenery adds to the entertainment value.


5. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale — A bizarre horror-spin on Christmas stories, you’re not going to find another holiday movie as amazingly original and entertaining, with lovely dreamlike imagery — but not necessarily good dreams!

4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang — A grand film noir full of great dialogue, characters, and performances, with plenty of genre reversals courtesy of writer-director Shane Black, famous not just for making great movies but for setting them during the holiday season.


3. Iron Man 3 — Shane Black gets two entries on this list, and the second is a superhero whose gift-giving skills reflect at first a lack of intimacy or ability to let himself be vulnerable, to a man who sees his own vulnerabilities in others and learns to come out from behind the armor his hidden behind for so long. And if that’s not enough Christmas for you, consider that Tony faces a reflection of his younger self in Harley, faces his own loneliness at present, and must fight to overcome Killian as a reflection of what Tony could become if his reliance on the armor and technology consume him — yeah, it’s A Christmas Carol in a superhero story! Think I’m stretching too much? Shane Black actually said this is precisely what he had in mind.

2. Elf — Not just one of the best Christmas movies of the last ten years, but of all time. We love this film, because it’s such a perfect mix of the more eccentric humor that Will Ferrell is famous for as well as classic comedy sensibilities for viewers of all ages. And the storytelling is just perfect, as are the character arcs, something the film doesn’t get nearly enough credit for. There’s so much real heart and humanity in this film, and Ferrell manages to be so likeable precisely because he embraces the sheer absurdity of the situation and never once treats his character without respect and inner dignity. This is pretty much a perfect Christmas film.



1. Love, Actually — My number one pick isn’t a perfect Christmas film, because you can’t sit down and watch it with your children and grandparents, there’s a bit too much nudity and profanity for that! However, while not a perfect Christmas film, it’s as close as an R-rated romantic comedy ensemble can get, and it’s definitely a prefect rom-com . It gets everything right, as a Christmas movie made just for adults, and if you’ve not seen it yet then believe me when I say you’re missing not just the best Christmas movie of the last decade but an instant classic Christmas film of all time. It’s hilarious, it’s sad, it’s thoughtful, it’s fun, and you come to care what happens to all of these people and you want them to finish the holiday happier than when they started out.

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Everyone loves a good winter picture, especially one they recognise. Idyllic snow-covered fields, untouched beauty. Frost impeccably sprinkled across all that crosses its path.

Shaun Baldwin from our Foundation Degree Photography has taken these beautiful shots of The Outdoor City, The Steel City – not much steel involved though!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We don’t think there are enough words to do these justice. We do think that you could be producing images this good though after one of our Photography courses. Click to see how we could help you!


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