How to get into the law profession 4 months quicker than usual!

Are you looking to qualify in Law and Practice?

Maybe you’re looking for a fresh start, a change of career. It’s a lot more common than you may think right now and, if you’re looking to get into the Law industry, there’s absolutely nothing holding you back!

The Fast Track – Level 3 CILEX Certificate in Law and Practice, starting in January 2017, is the perfect qualification for you to get stuck into and break into the Law Industry.

Don’t need to be currently working in the Law Profession

Many people are daunted by starting a new qualification or shifting the emphasis on their career, when in reality there is no need to.

There are no expectations that you have any experience of working in the Law industry before starting this course. The content of the course is designed specifically to ease you into the industry by covering all of the basics and building your skills and knowledge as it progresses.

Support is on hand from tutors throughout the course as we all want to help you learn a new trade.

Complete first year within 5 months

When you first start a course your main goal is completing it and walking away with your qualification. Largely this feels sometime away, especially when you’re eager to be trying to break into a new industry. Now, patience is important but if you can get there sooner rather than later, why shouldn’t you?

Instead of 9 months, you can complete the first year of this qualification in just 5. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be in college every day as classes remain at 2 evenings per week. But, it does mean you can crack on with that qualification!

There are no age restrictions

A change of career can come at any time in your life, we know that as much as the next man. For that reason we have put no upper age limit on our Fast Track – Level 3 CILEX Certificate in Law and Practice course.

Taught by Industry Experts

All of our Tutors who teach on the course all used to work in the Law industry; in fact some of them still do!

This means that you will be learning from those who have been there and have the experience of working in the industry you are trying to break into. The Tutors will be able to offer you additional insight into the demands and the skills that you will need, on top of delivering the course at a very high standard.

If you have any questions, they will be more than happy to answering them and reflect on their own time in industry with you.

Advanced Learning Loans cover tuition fees

Apart from not having enough experience, many people are put off by the course tuition fees as they do not fully understand their options.

The course fee does not have to be paid up front, although you can if you have the means! An Advanced Learning Loan will cover the tuition fee, which is paid directly to us at the college.

To qualify for an Advanced Learning Loan you must be 19+. There are no need to go through any credit checks and, again, there is no upper age limit.

If you would like to find more out about the course, please click here to view the course or email Jackie Baker ( or Glenn Roberts ( for more details


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