OK Go’s Latest Music Video Was Shot In 4.2 Seconds

If you’ve never heard of OK Go musically, you can be forgiven. However, if you’ve never seen any of their music videos, I’m not sure we can be friends. Absolute feats of video technology. They even win Grammy’s, you know!

As a way to set up one of the greatest music videos of 2016, it’s a fairly bold statement of intent.

Then again, when it’s OK Go you know you’re in for something spectacular. We all remember there treadmill routine for Here It Goes Again, don’t we?

Years on from that, they’ve produced another incredibly watchable video to accompany new single, ‘The One Moment’.

The whole thing took just 4.2 seconds to film and, with a bit of slow-mo trickery, has somehow made a majestic video for their latest single. Oh, and to add to that, it took just one take to record. Skills, lads!

Give it your full attention. It deserves it.

If anything, it opens up the world to what video trickery is really possible. There’s no need to follow the crowd, just ask these guys with their Grammy! To find out more about video production, check out our Creative Media Digital Production course now!


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