Paul Pogba’s Dab Is Being Used To Teach Maths

Want to know how important Maths is? Well, if like Paul Pogba you love to dab, then you’ll need to check out some pretty high level maths equations to work out how to do the perfect dab. In France, this has even crept into the curriculum!!

Paul Pogba’s ‘dab’ celebration is being used in France to teach and test students in maths.

The distinctive pose is supposed to form two right-angled triangles and an exam asked students if Pogba’s celebration is the perfect ‘dab’.


Exercise 5 of the test reads: “Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous of the dab of Paul Pogba, he then tries to demonstrate that he is perfect.

“According to the book ‘the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Dab (DUDDDD)’, a dab is perfect if and only if the triangles represented in the figure below are right-angles.

“Is Paul Pogba’s dab perfect?”

Students are required to calculate whether the squared length of each triangle’s longest side (a.k.a. the ‘hypotenuse’) is equal to the length of each triangle’s other two sides when they are squared and then added together.

 Pogba spotted the exam on social media and Tweeted: “The dab is useful, am I approved? #maths”

So there you have it, if you want the perfect dab you need to first master a bit of Pythagoras! Proof, if ever you needed it, of the importance of Maths! Take a look through our Maths courses here today…


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