10 Simple Steps For Applying To UCAS

If you’ve decided to study a university level course at The Sheffield College then you’re already one step ahead of the game!

We’re more affordable than universities, have smaller classes and have a wide range of courses to suit just about anyone, but you knew all that already. What you might not know, however, is how to actually go about applying for one (or more) of our courses.

We’ve broken it down into 10 simple steps so you can get your application in with minimal fuss.

  1. Register with UCAS – Head to ucas.com and follow the steps to set up your online profile; make sure to include all your personal details and specify your funding options.
  2. Student Finance – If you’re applying for a student loan make sure you fill in the relevant page and agree to let UCAS share your details with Student Finance England, which makes the whole process of getting your loan much easier and a lot faster!
  3. Enter your course choices – You can apply for up to 5 courses with The Sheffield College. You’ll find all our courses and their application codes on our website.
  4. Complete your education and employment history – Make sure to include all your qualifications (including any you’re currently studying, just make sure you list the result as ‘pending’) and any previous jobs you’ve held, either part time or full time.
  5. Personal Statement – This is the filling in the UCAS application sandwich, your chance to sell yourself and show off your skills! Tell us why you’re applying to The Sheffield College and what interests you about the subject you want to study. You can also include information about any relevant skills and experience that make you suitable for the course, just remember, you’ve only got 4000 characters to do it in!
  6. Check it through – Give your application a once over and make sure you’ve completed (and saved!) every section, and you’re happy with your personal statement. When you’ve marked every section as complete you can get ready to send your application off.
  7. Get a reference – This can be from anyone who knows you in an academic capacity, such as a former teacher, tutor or academic professional.
  8. Pay for your application – Single applications are just £13, or £24 to apply for up to 5 courses. If you are already a student at The Sheffield College, or another school/college, it is likely you won’t have to pay this. Please check with your school/college for details.
  9. Submit your application – Send your application off to UCAS who will do all the hard work from there.
  10. UCAS Track – Keep an eye on the UCAS Track Portal where you can see the progress of your application. You’ll get notifications if you’re invited to an interview (course dependent) or when you receive an offer from us.

The deadline for submitting your application to UCAS is the 15th January 2018. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on:

Email: info@sheffcol.ac.uk

Telephone: 0114 260 2600

Or, to view more about our University Level offer at The Sheffield College, please click here.



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