Get the Halloween Look…

We all might have grown out of Trick or Treating but we definitely haven’t grown out of dressing up and re-creating some awesomely gruesome Halloween looks. The competition gets bigger and better every year and as tonight is most likely the night you’ll be hitting the town with your mates dressed as dead Harley Quinn’s, Skele’s or even Traffic cones (no kidding, they have been spotted in recent years), it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative! Check out these amazing face paints and see if you can better them…

1. The eyes have it.

4. Crystal visions.

Chloe Hajjar / / Via

7. Cosplay Chesire cat.

Cosplay Chesire cat.

10. Secret snake girl.

11. An eye mask — not the soothing kind.

12. Lady Two Face.

Robert Sanque / Flickr: robertsanque / Via

13. Broken doll.

Learn how to do it here.

14. The half-dead girl.

15. Double face.

16. The notebook.

17. Patchwork doll.

Abigail Lewis / Via Facebook: TwistedtheClown

19. Ventriloquist dummy.



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