With Halloween just one week away have you thought about your outfit yet?

6 of the Weirdest Halloween Costume Ideas in Sheffield Mad-Hatter-Costume-620x413

Halloween is never easy. Getting that blend of scare factor without looking like everyone else is tough.

Thankfully, Wow247 have enlisted the help of the guys at Molly Limpet’s Theatrical Emporium.

Take a look at their spook-tacular suggestions below.

1. Alice in Wonderland characters

Queen Hearts Costume

Any Tim Burton-esque costumes are popular at Halloween and these character-based costumes are some of our most popular ones. They’re both iconic and effective, and customers can easily complete the look with simple make up and eye accessories.

2. Davy Jones

davy jones Costume

Pirates – one of our favourite themes – lend themselves to a lot of ‘dark’ interpretations. With these stunningly tailored costumes and with some liquid latex, makeup and perhaps eye accessories you can create a very dramatic effect.

3. Sweeney Todd & Mrs Lovett

Sweeney Todd Costume

Another Tim Burton interpretation of a classic horror character! Great for couples, Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd are easy to wear, and require the minimum of makeup to create maximum effect – dark eyes, blacked out teeth, backcombed hair with white/powder streaks through all mean you don’t have to wear masks/wigs (a lot of customers want to avoid this as it adds heat).

4. Zombie Hunters

zombe hunter costume

A new one for this year; we get asked loads for zombies, but someone has to hunt them! The coat can also be used to interpret different characters if required, so we do try to encourage customers to look at a lot of our non-Halloween costumes and make them into gothic/horror versions.

5. Steampunks

Steampunk costume

A style that is emerging more and more – essentially Victorian or period costumes fused with sci-fi / mechanical accessories.

Fancy putting costumes together, or even creating them yourselves as a living? Have a look into our fashion and clothesmaking courses and apprenticeships on offer at The Sheffield College now!

Source: http://www.wow247.co.uk/2015/10/15/halloween-costume-ideas/#ixzz3pfainnNl


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