Social dog walks 4 miles every day to catch up with all his friends

We’re a bit of a sucker for a feel-good animal tale here at The Sheffield College. It might be to do with out Animal Care department, or the fact this story should make your heart melt!

Bruno is a friendly senior pup living with his owners, Larry and Debbie LaVallee, in Longville, Minnesota. Bruno loves spending time with his family, but he also has lots of friends — and he needs to check in on them. Every day.

So for the past 12 years or so, Bruno has been taking the same four-mile walk into town.


A typical day for Bruno includes stops at City Hall, the ice cream shop, the library and the grocery store. In fact, he makes so many daily visits that he’s become famous in town, even earning a Facebook page in his honor.

The town also erected a statue of Bruno in a garden club park.


And Longville residents all do their part to keep their “dog ambassador” safe. Some residents even give him a ride home at the end of the day, especially now that he’s getting older.

“He is the mascot of Longville,” local resident Sharon Rouse said.


For even more evidence that dogs are better than people, you can watch a local news report on Bruno below.


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