Zoo keeper tops list of dream jobs

A new survey reveals jobs in science, maths and engineering top the careers wishlist for children today. Take a look at the countdown with our pick of icould videos for each job.

1. Zoo keeper


Katherine is head zoo keeper at Shepreth Wildlife Park. A placement as part of her BTEC course was the first step to her current role.

2. Teacher

After disappointing A-level results Matt considered other career options but his love of sport brought him back to teaching PE.

3. Doctor/nurse

Senior staff nurse David changed career aged 45 and found the most fulfilling job he could imagine.

4. Video games/app/web developer

Adam creates websites and apps. He was quite quiet at school, but knew his passion was IT.

5. Dancer

Kimberley is a dancer and choreographer. She was determined to succeed, despite her parents’ concerns about a career in dance.

6. Secret agent/spy

Ryan is an intelligence analyst for the RAF (so he is not a spy!). He interprets images from drones to help plan military operations.

7. Actor

Jason wanted to be a stunt man but realised it was not for him. As an actor he’s worked on over 50 feature films and has loved every minute.

8. Astronaut

Nicola was devastated when she couldn’t be an astronaut. She is now a mechanical engineer and designs satellites for spacecraft.

9. Scientist

Ryan loved science at school and now helps formulate drugs for clinical trials.

10. Police officer/detective

Adrian is a police constable. Bored of filling in spreadsheets in his IT job, he decided to apply to join the police force.


We have courses to match everyone of the above careers. Seriously, all of them! Check them out here and decide which you like the sound of best. 


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