What Are The UK’s 7 Natural Wonders?

Yeah, so apparently the UK has 7 natural wonders. I’m hedging bets that you didn’t know that either! I’m not talking daft things either, but proper phenomenons of nature.

Nature’s magic

People travel the world in search of nature’s most incredible wonders. But do you know that seven breath-taking phenomena can be seen right here in the UK?

From seashores that glow in the dark, to a rainbow that appears in the dead of night – these remarkable events can seem almost magical. Yet their true origin is even more extraordinary. Each beautiful phenomenon is a product of the great forces of nature that govern us and our planet.

2.The seven wonders

  1. Bioluminescence may look like a scene from a sci-fi film but it’s actually a very real phenomenon. During exceptionally warm spells, electric blue waves can be seen dancing along the UK’s coastline.

Image result for bioluminescence uk

2. The Severn Bore is one of the UK’s most famous natural wonders. Surfers and spectators flock to see the tidal wave reach heights of up to 3m as it surges upriver.

Image result for the severn bore

3. The Northern Lights are nature’s own multi-coloured lights show. People often travel abroad to see them but you don’t need to. They can be seen illuminating our skies after periods of intense solar activity.

Image result for northern lights uk

4. Starlings can flock together in their thousands to form a murmuration. The birds swoop and dive in such unison they look like a single organism-generating complex, fluid shapes moving through the sky.

Image result for starlings flock

5. Usually found in the Antarctic, Ice Pancakes are a strange phenomenon that have been known to be found in British rivers when conditions have been right.

Image result for ice pancakes river dee

6. The Moonbow. Pretty much what you’d expect; a rainbow, but at night!

Image result for moonbow uk


7. A Lunar Eclipse is an eerie phenomenon that’s seen between 2 and 4 times a year from earth. If an eclipse reaches totality, the moon appears to turn bright red.

Image result for lunar eclipse

Pretty cool stuff really! If you want to find out more about the UK’s natural wonders, check out our Geography course today!


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