GCSE Results Day 2016 – Don’t Be Disappointed, Explore Your Options

Not even a week has passed since A Level results day, but we’re here again as GCSE results are about to come flooding through the doors with 16 year olds all over the country probably feeling a little nervous right now. There’s no need to be nervous though, what’s done is done.

But they will impact on what you do next. Remember, though, you have options!

When is it?

This year GCSE results day is on Thursday 25th August.

What time can I collect my results from?

You’ll need to check with your school what time they are planning on opening for you to get your results. If you have taken any GCSEs with us at The Sheffield College, our City and Hillsborough campuses will be open from 8.30am until about 2pm.

What to look out for

When you get your results it’s up to you where you open them. They’ll be in a brown envelope so you can take them home and open them if you can stomach the wait, although not many do!

You’ll have a few certificates with results on dependent on which exam board your course was with. The most important results to look out for (yes we know they’re all important)? Well they would be:

  • Maths and English
  • The subjects you are wanting to continue to study

I didn’t get the grades I wanted or needed, what shall I do?

First of all, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that this is the start, not the end. You still have loads of options open to you here at The Sheffield College such as an Apprenticeship or a Vocational course, not just A Levels.

The first thing to remember is that it’s not too late. We still have enough spaces on our courses for you to apply and enrol all before the start of term.

Click here to view all of our courses.

If you feeling a bit stuck or unsure of what to do next then we’re on hand straight away. If you want to talk to somebody face to face and as soon as possible, all of our sites are open on results day for information and advice from our expert careers team and student support team so please pop in and see us.

If you need a bit longer to have a think about your next steps, give us a ring on 0114 260 2600 and arrange an appointment with either our Careers Advisors or our Learner Recruitment Team.

You don’t have to study A Levels

With the change in law meaning you have to stay in education until you’re 18, and it being a traditional route, many people think that you have to study A Levels when you finish at school.

That’s simply not true. As long as you’re in full time education you can study a few different types of courses. Of course you can still study A Levels but, like we said, you can also enrol on an Apprenticeship or a Vocational (more hands-on) course. Whatever suits you best!

Our vast array of vocational courses at a variety of levels covers everything from Bakery to Business Administration, Computing to Construction. There’s so much on offer to you and our facilities rank amongst some of the best in the country.

Click here to view all of our courses.

As well as that we also offer Apprenticeships in around 20 different subject areas if you fancy earning whilst you learn. Apprenticeships range from Accounting and Catering to Engineering, Gas Fitting and Horticulture.

To view our Apprenticeships please click here.

I didn’t get a C in Maths and/or English

Look, don’t panic if you only missed out on your Maths and/or English grade. At The Sheffield College we’re here to help you get that elusive grade so please still come in. You can study for your Maths and English GCSE alongside your course. It’s not even that much extra work.

The first resit is in November so you don’t have to wait too long, but it is really important you do retake it. Find out why here…

For further information, course listings and to apply today please visit our website www.sheffcol.ac.uk or give us a ring on 0114 260 2600


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