The Importance of Sporting Careers

It’s been a busy summer of sport, hasn’t it? We’ve had the Euros (the lesser said about that the better) and we’ve also had a remarkably successful Olympic games, which you’re likely to hear about for quite some time to come.

Whatever sport you choose, it is clear that it brings people together either as participants or spectators. But why is sport so important to so many people, and have you ever considered a career in sport? explain more…

For many of us, when we think of playing sport we are transported right back to school P.E. lessons. These may not be the happiest of memories – from being forced out onto a playing field wearing shorts or a skirt on a cold winter morning to the horror that could be brought on by the prospect of the school showers. It is fair to say that, unless you were particularly good at sport, it is not something you ever really took seriously as a career option.

Of course, the benefits of sport are obvious – from the pure benefits of exercise on your physical and mental health, to a way to meet and bond with others (particularly if you are playing a team sport). Even just watching sport can provide a great distraction from the real world as you focus on the ‘important’ matter of how come your ‘star’ striker can’t score a goal, or watch on the edge of your seat as Mo Farah won another Olympic gold.

There are very few things that can provide a focus, a distraction, and connection to others all at the same time in the way that sport can, which is why so many billions of people around the world love their chosen sport or sports so much.

So, perhaps the question is, have you ever thought about a career in sport?

There are a wide variety of careers available related to sport, these include everything from physiotherapists and doctors, to nutritionists, chefs, marketers, administrators, financial experts, and social media managers. Even if you can’t catch a ball to save your life, you can still couple a love of sport with your skills to find a career that suits you.

There are even apprenticeships in sport-related disciplines to allow you to get started right away while gaining experience and earning some money. Click here to view our Sport courses

Take the chance, while the sun is shining to get out there and enjoy playing some sport – it is great for your health and wellbeing, but also, if you are a real sport lover you might certainly want to consider coupling your love to your career.

Indeed, even if sport isn’t your thing, it is a good idea to try and find a career that brings together something you love with your own skills. This is great advice for those who are unsure what they want to do for their careers, so think about what you love and what you could do to be closer to that every day at work.



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