The Ancients: At Australia’s Spiritual Heart

If you’re a budding film maker the ever evolving technology must be getting you giddier by the day. Even your smartphone now has the capabilities of capturing some of the most stunning footage, in just about whatever effect you want including time lapse.

Time lapse footage has given us some of the best evolving shots over recent time and that’s exactly what this Australian has done.

Photographer Kartikeya Sharma spent 10 months patiently collecting and curating stunning time-lapse footage for his video project, The Ancients. And boy, did it pay off.

The result is a five-minute ode to the overpowering beauty of remote Australia. In the video description, Sharma says that the shooting process involved a lot of “patience, despair and occasional dejection followed by optimism, hopefulness, face-offs with strong weather conditions and equipment breakdown during shooting process.”

Sharma has said that the work is more than an exercise in creating timelapses. His goal was to create a work that depicts the “spiritual communion of the oldest land, in Red Central Australia.”


Mightily impressive! But we think you can do better. Maybe one of the Sheffield skyline as the regeneration rigour takes hold over the coming months and years. Check out our media courses here at The Sheffield College today by following this link…


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