A Level Results Day 2016 – I Got The Results I Needed, What Now?

You ready for it?

As far as days go, there’s not too much you can do about it now. A Level Results Day stirs the same emotions year on year; nerves, angst and restlessness. You’ve studied the course, put the work in and taken the exam; and as papers have been marked, moderated and verified, results are flooding in ready for this Thursday.

Right now, there’s not a great deal you can do until Thursday. The waiting is horrible but, whatever your grades, it’s not the be all and end all. This is the start. The start of your next step, whatever direction you choose to take.

Here’s what’s going to happen if things go well…

When do I get my results?

You can collect your results this Thursday, the 18th August 2016. Results are collectible from either Hillsborough and Peaks campus, dependent on where you studied your A Levels, and will be open from 7a.m.

If you can’t wait until 7a.m. check your UCAS first thing as, whilst you won’t get your results online, you will find out whether you’ve been accepted into your choice of university.

Be Prepared!

There’s not a great deal of preparation you can do at this point. You’ve done the work and now you’re waiting on the results.

Do be aware though that, naturally, some people are disappointed by the unexpected on the day, so it pays to have a contingency plan. Whatever you are planning on doing after your A Levels it’s worth looking into potential employment, higher apprenticeships, and the university clearing process just in case.

Congratulations, you got the grades!

Well done! You’ve opened your browser and that Conditional Offer has changed to an Unconditional Offer for your firm choice university meaning you have that coveted place at university. No need to do anything now, your place is confirmed and the university will be in touch.

If you didn’t get the grades for your first choice, but did for your insurance choice, well done as well! That offer will also change to show Unconditional so now just hold fire until the university get in touch.

Please avoid ringing the universities for confirmation though as their phone lines need leaving free for Clearing and will be chocker anyway!


You might not have heard of Adjustment before. Adjustment occurs when you get grades exceeding the requirements for the conditional offer you got which could lead to you potentially swapping your place for one on another course you prefer.

There is no vacancy list for Adjustment so you will have to contact individual universities. Your Unconditional Offer will be unaffected unless you verbally agree something with a new university/change course.


If you have the grades to get onto the university course of your choice, the chances of you using Clearing are slim to none. You will not be able to access Clearing if you have an Unconditional Offer.

Check out The Sheffield College’s University Level offer here

If you do decide you want to change course at the last minute you will need to tell the university. They will put you back into Clearing and you will have to follow the process – as set out in the other guide we have published

Employment, Higher Apprenticeships, Careers Advice

As we’ve mentioned before, university is not the be all and end all. It’s not right for everyone or every job role, and you need to be conscious of that. If you’ve got the grades you were after, but suffering from a bout of cold feet, make sure you chat to our staff on hand on the day who will be more than happy to discuss alternative routes such as employment or Higher Apprenticeships.

Here’s a great example of someone who got the grades for university, but changed career path…

From all of us here at The Sheffield College, good luck! You’ll be fine! If you do happen to run into any concerns or have any queries, give us a ring on 0114 260 2600 or have a chat to any of our staff on Results Day.


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