8 times British brands slammed haters on social media

The customer is always right. Wrong. So very, very wrong. The customer can sometimes be extremely wrong but it’s how you deal with it as a business that matters. Deal with it well and reputation grows but if you get it wrong you’re facing a backlash. Mashable present 8 times British brands switched things round and slammed the customer to comedic effect.

1. This no-nonsense comeback from Virgin Trains

2. This blunt Facebook rebuttal from the BBC.

3. This sick burn from Tesco Mobile

4. And this one

5. This glorious end to a feud between libraries

6. This no-nonsense shut down from Cadbury UK

7. This skirmish between Iceland and Nando’s, which took place after Iceland drew with Portugal in the Euro 2016.

8. Finally, this solid comeback from UK phone network O2

With today’s social media it’s a very fine line between engaging with your customers in a lighthearted way, and coming across as a touch rude! Luckily the above have just about nailed it, but it’s not so easy. To find out more about Marketing strategies, take a look through our Business courses at the college by following this link.


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