Crazy Olympic Adverts

Huge events mean huge adverts. Weird adverts. Adverts that are unexpected. Somewhat luckily in Great Britain, the BBC show the games and are uninterrupted by ads (although change channel and not expect to see any at your peril). Here’s Samsung’s funky offering…

Christoph Waltz shows off an impressive range of characters in Samsung’s latest ad.

The Academy Award-winning actor plays an overworked mom, a vacationer, an Olympic runner, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and many more while delivering a deadpanned monologue about how Americans multitask too much — and maybe that’s not actually a bad thing.

“What has that tireless ambition ever gotten you, America?” he asks, before listing off American achievements and changing his mind.

The idea behind the commercial is that Samsung’s jumbo-screened Galaxy Note 7, released this week, will make multitasking easier for overworked Americans — that and a requisite dose of patriotism to celebrate the U.S. Olympic team.

The 90-second ad, created by Portland-based Wieden+Kennedy, will debut during NBC’s broadcast of the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday.

To many, that’s a load of rubbish. To a Marketing expert, you’re definitely getting a different response. To delve into the world of advertising and the intricates behind the roll out of such an ad, check out our CIM Marketing Courses here at The Sheffield College.


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