What Ever Happened to… the cast of The Full Monty?

Following on from our Yorkshire Netflix blog post yesterday, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane to see where the cast of The Full Monty are today – and what they got up to subsequently. Can you believe it will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary next year?!

Robert Carlyle – Gaz

robert carlyle the full monty

This man still scares the bejaysus out of me on sight (though that’s more to do with his Trainspotting role rather than his pale bum in this film).

Robert did a convincing Sheffield accent in the film and is frequently English on screen but is actually Scottish.  Before The Full Monty he appeared as creepy serial killer Ablie in‘Cracker’, a gay lover in ‘Priest’, the lead role in ‘Hamish McBeth’ and of course played Begbie in ‘Trainspotting’.

Robert went on to play the dad in ‘Angela’s Ashes’, Daffy in ‘The Beach’, Don in ’28 Weeks Later’, Felix in ’51st State’, Hitler in ‘Hitler: The Rise of Evil’

robert carlyle hitler

.. a part less scary than Begbie, and he played the lead baddie Renard in James Bond film‘The World is Not Enough’.

robert carlyle the world is not enough

He also popped up in the Oasis video for ‘Little By Little’ in 2002.

Tom Wilkinson – Gerald

tom wilkinson full monty

Before ‘The Full Monty’ Tom had only appeared in TV productions and the odd film like‘Sense and Sensibility’ but he now the go-to man in Hollywood if you need a gruff looking businessman.

He starred in ‘Shakespeare in Love’, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Michael Clayton’, ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, and was Oscar nominated for his role as a grief stricken dad in ‘In The Bedroom’.

More recently you’ve seen him as the CIA boss in ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’.


.. and he played Grahan in ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ alongside every British actor over the age of 42.

the best exotic marigold hotel tom wilkinson

Up next we’ll see Tom opposite Johnny Depp in ‘The Lone Ranger’.

He lives in London with his wife, actress Diana Hardcastle (the woman beside Judi Dench in the pic above), and their two daughters.

Mark Addy – Dave

mark addy full monty

Mark also appeared in the police sitcom ‘The Thin Blue Line’, and in a series of Tesco ads with Fay Ripley ..


..and played Fred Flinstone in ‘The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas’.

mark addy fred flintstone

Mark played Friar Tuck in Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’ and most recently tucked himself under a mighty beard duvet to play Robert Baratheon in ‘Game of Thrones’. 

mark addy game of thrones

More recently Mark plays Hercules in the new BBC ‘Doctor Who is on holiday’ slot-filler ‘Atlantis’. 

atlantis mark addy

He lives with his wife Kelly and their three kids near his childhood hometown York.

Paul Barber – Horse

paul barber full monty

Liverpudlian man Paul is best known for playing Denzel on ‘Only Fools and Horses’. More recently he teamed up with Robert Carlyle once again for ‘The 51st State’ and he played ‘The Captain’ in Sky One’s ‘Sinbad’.

Steve Huison – Lomper

steve huson the full monty

Steve has also appeared in ‘The Royle Family’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘The Royal Today’ and most famously played Eddie Windass on ‘Coronation Street’.  More recently he dragged up to play ‘Fat Brenda’ on stage –

steve huison fat brenda

A stage character based on the never-seen ‘Fat Brenda’, an oft-mentioned Streetcars worker on ‘Coronation Street’.

steve huison 2013

Hugo Speer – Guy

Hugo has since appeared on the flop soap ‘Echo Beach’, played Nicole Kidman’s brother in ‘The Interpreter’ and appeared in the hit BBC production of ‘Bleak House’.

He narrates ‘Cops with Cameras’ and Channel 5’s ‘The Bachelor’ and in 2014 he starred as Captain Treville in the BBC’s ‘The Three Musketeers’. 

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