Six Yorkshire-Inspired Shows To Tuck Into On Netflix

Netflix. What on earth would we do without you? Your favourite web-based app is now providing original series’ and your favourite programmes straight to your smart tele. Technology, eh?! Wow247 have compiled 6 of their favourite Yorkshire-inspired shows for you to sink your teeth into…

Happy Valley

The BBC crime drama was an enormous hit throughout its first two series.

Starring the irrepressible Sarah Lancashire as Sgt Catherine Cawood (whisper it queitly – she’s Lancastrian!), it’s a gripping, gritty thriller set and filmed in and around Hebden Bridge. It’s a recent success, too, meaning you’re not too far behind the curve on this one.


Richard Sharpe

Before Yorkshire’s prodigal son started crowing on about the fact that winter was coming, he was best known as hunky soldier Sharpe: a war hero from the early 1800s who took on the world single-handedly and pretty much sent them packing each and every time.

Still brilliant all these years on.


Not one of the better known inclusions on this particular list, Residue is an intense and dark independent mini series penned and put together by the Screen Yorkshire production team for Netflix.

The conspiracy thriller, which is set in London but filmed in Leeds, stars Game of Thrones almuni Natalia Tena and Iwan Rheon. Keep your eyes peeled for Leeds landmarks such as Mojo’s, Kirkgate Market, Call Lane and the Queens Hotel.

Educating Yorkshire

Educating Yorkshire

Very much a ‘watercooler’ programme on its initial broadcast, this became part of the national conversation throughout its run in 2013.

The reality show follows the every day goings on at a secondary school in Dewsbury, focusing heavily on the human struggles of growing up. There’s laughter, tears and the odd dose of inspiration.

The Full Monty

Full Monty

Very much a modern icon of our cinematic cultural history, Peter Cattaneo’s Oscar-nominated film is surely the go-to Yorkshire feature flick.

Forget the ever-so-slightly questionable Robert Carlyle accent: it tells the hilarious yet poignant story of a group of laid-off Sheffield steel workers in their struggle to regain confidence and employment. Via the art of stripping.

The Trip

The Trip

A cult comedy starring Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan as slightly distorted version of themselves, The Trip found international acclaim when it hit BBC Two in 2010.

Series one sees the bickering, impression-loving comics travelling throughout the north to review some of the country’s finest restaurants – two of which are happily situated in our fine county, and show off a fair helping of our beautiful surroundings.

Must admit, as fantastic as The Trip is we totally forgot they visited some of Yorkshire’s finest restaurants. Sadly, the missed out the best hidden gem of all. Whilst it may not receive the royal fanfare of a Michelin Starred diner, Coogan and Brydon will be kicking themselves the didn’t feast at The Silver Plate; our very own student-run restaurant. For a chance to work at our award winning eatery, check out our Catering courses here...


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