Apprenticeships – Alternative, Not Inferior

Further academic study and university isn’t for everyone. For some a more hands-on approach, such as an Apprenticeship, is what suits their learning best and is what suits there development. This article from might open a few of your eyes to the wonders of an Apprenticeship.

You probably have an idea of what an apprenticeship is anyway. You might think that it is something for those who are ‘not clever enough’ to go to university, or maybe you think that an apprenticeship is only any use if you want to go into a manual job – like plumbing, hairdressing, or as a car mechanic?

These ideas of what an apprenticeship most likely come from your parents, friends, or even teachers. But have you ever looked into apprenticeships yourself? If not, you might be surprised by what you are missing – as well as realising that, sometimes at least, the advice you get may not actually be right!

Will going to  university lead to a better career?

Let’s put it another way; you have probably been told that going to university will lead to a better career – despite the fact that you need to think about the cost. But what if you could get into that same career right away, without the tuition fees, and with a wage? Indeed, what if apprenticeships made you more employable? Surely that would be something to consider?

The benefits of apprentices

The fact is that a lot of different industries are waking up to the benefit of taking on apprentices, meaning that some careers that were previously only available to graduates can now be entered as an apprentice. You can, for example, take an apprenticeship in law – not just saving you time and money on going to university – but also offering immediate job-relevant work experience as you train.

Former apprentices are happier than graduates

Despite a lot of young people seeing apprenticeships as less desirable than university, research has shown that former apprentices are happier in their work than graduates, while apprentices also stand a much better chance of finding suitable and relevant work once they qualify. In short, that equals better prospects and more job satisfaction! This has led some of the brightest students to start wondering if there is any point in going to university?

University is not better than an apprenticeship

For some people, university is the right choice, and there are still some career paths that demand a degree. But it is no longer true that university is ‘better’ than an apprenticeship. Often they are just different routes to the same destination – it is all about which suits you more. But then again, you won’t know unless you take a look at apprenticeships for yourself!

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