Travel the world on a budget

Hasn’t the weather been delightful?! It’s been an absolute dream and if you suggest otherwise then you’re wrong. Sorry, but you are. We need more weather like this. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that’s going to happen; might have to travel (affordably) for it…

1. Peru

1. Peru

Brand X Pictures / Getty Images

“I went to Peru for 10 days for $2,000! The exchange rate is fantastic: One American dollar is equal to about three soles.” —madib49725de2c

“Lima was probably the most affordable city I’ve been to. The food was amazing and incredibly well priced: Things that normally cost $40 were about $25. Also, the people are great. Overall, it is an amazing country with a rich history and culture — I give a perfect five!” —casualglow25

More info on visiting Peru on a budget here.

2. South Africa

2. South Africa

Andreawillmore / Getty Images

“First of all, the exchange rate is amazing — it’s about 15 rand to one dollar. That alone helps you get more vacation for your money. South Africa also has very cool, cheap boutique hotels and hostels, about $10 to $15 per night!” —Lauren Campbell, Facebook

“I spent two entire months in South Africa for $1,300. By staying in hostels, couchsurfing, using public transportation, and even hitchhiking (ahem!), I was able to do it super cheaply. This budget also included heaps of amazing meals out, skydiving, bungee jumping, shark cage diving, paragliding, canyoning, and so much more.” —Ellen Burne, Facebook

More info on traveling South Africa on a budget here.

3. China

3. China

Zhaojiankang / Getty Images

“Airfare is the bulk of the cost — it’s much cheaper if you live on the West Coast, though — and then once you get there, things are really affordable. Public transportation is often just a few cents. Dinner in a local restaurant is maybe a dollar or two. Once you get out of tourist areas (Beijing and Shanghai), prices go down further. Last year, I got airfare and a four-star hotel for eight nights for $900 per person (two people). Once we got there, we didn’t spend much at all.” —jessicag43418f540

More info on traveling through China on a budget here.

4. Vietnam

4. Vietnam

Cristaltran / Getty Images

“It’s not cheap to get there from the U.S., but once you’re there, it’s great! We spent nine nights in Vietnam, and spent about $300–400, excluding lodging and our international flight. Our total trip cost just a smidge over $2,000 (we were two people sharing a hotel room and flying from the East Coast — so it would’ve been cheaper had we flown from the West).

“That budget even included one splurge dinner and some trinkets for friends and family at home, and we stayed exclusively in four- and five-star hotels/resorts. I’ve heard you can find hostels for $10 per night! Plus, even though the flight is so long and expensive from the States, you can rack up serious frequent flyer miles.” —JoDa

More info on traveling Vietnam on a budget here.

5. Greece

5. Greece

The people there were so happy to have tourists, and they wanted to share their beautiful country and history with those of us who don’t know about it. The best part about it was that I had so much extra money when the trip was over, I was able to upgrade my ticket home to first class.” —Emily Anderson, Facebook

More info on traveling through Greece on a budget right now here.

6. Jamaica

6. Jamaica

“I stayed in a pool house on Airbnb for $25 a night, which is my preference over a resort anyway. I ate at local restaurants and went to hole-in-the-wall bars, and spent about $30 to $40 daily. Going to the Caribbean can be very cheap; it’s all about doing your research.” —taharram

More info on traveling Jamaica on a budget here.

7. Cartagena, Colombia

“I actually used to live there, but just went back. Roundtrip airfare from the Northeast was $250. You can easily get a hostel for $7–15, although we stayed in an amazing hotel for $70 a night. Food, drinks, and fun are all completely reasonable; it’s an absolutely amazing place to visit!” —Madelina Türner, Facebook

More info on going to Cartagena on a budget here.

8. Bali

8. Bali

Cbpix / Getty Images

“A friend and I traveled through Bali for seven days, and spent only around $500 each, not including our plane ticket. We didn’t book anything beforehand (you can bargain with people, even for hotel room costs), and food was super cheap.

“We went to three different cities and just used the taxi system (make sure you bargain or they will take advantage of foreigners). But overall, everything was super manageable and budget-friendly — not to mention super beautiful!” —Kelsey Fausko, Facebook

More info on doing Bali on a budget here.

9. Nicaragua

9. Nicaragua

Annie Daly

“Nicaragua is both the cheapest country I’ve ever been to, and my all-time favorite. I went for a few nights when I was living in Costa Rica, and had an amazing time. I stayed in a hostel dorm for $5 a night (!), and didn’t need to spend more than $10 a day on food. There are so many options for inexpensive activities — volcano boarding ftw — as well as museums, stunning cathedrals, and generally amazing people.

“Getting around the country can also be cheap, as long as you stick to the local transport, which, while not luxurious, will definitely give you an authentic experience.” —Michaelalee

More info on what things cost in Nicaragua here.

10. Caribbean cruises

10. Caribbean cruises

Shalamov / Getty Images

“Cruises aren’t too bad, and they can be done on a budget. You can easily book a six-day, all-inclusive trip for under $500 a person. And if you frequently travel with a specific cruise line, you’ll rack up rewards and earn on-board credit and whatnot. If you book port excursions, though, don’t do it through the cruise line. Save a little money and book through the tourist agencies (e.g. Chukka Tours if you’re visiting the Bahamas, etc.).” —graces4c8a8fc89

More info on the best budget cruises here.

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