Tramlines (short but sweet) Survival Kit!

Right then; it’s here, it starts tomorrow, it’s Tramlines.

3 days of music, sunny Sheffield culture and, if we’re being totally honest, too much drinking. But that’s fine, we’ve got your back.

You deserve to let your hair down after this, well…well the first four days of the week, essentially. Get on this survival guide from us (via BuzzFeed) and optimise those Tramlines hours!

Cartons of Ribena.

Nothing sweeter or smugger for a festival hangover than snuggling back up in your sleeping back with a Ribena or a Rubicon while your neighbours forage at the food stalls.

A portable phone charger.

A portable phone charger.

Tramlines starts on Friday. It finishes waaaaay into Sunday night. We know you’ll all (eventually) retire home for a quick snooze and a phone charge – but don’t get caught short, might be worth picking up a cheap one for a few days of usage!

A meeting point.

A meeting point.

There’s that much on at Tramlines this year. Literally so much, and so far spread over the…well the Tramlines! You and your mates are probably going to want to split and see different things at the same times so, in case you haven’t headed advice from above, arrange a meeting point and keep to it!

Street Food

So part of the beauty of Tramlines is that not only do you get a top weekend of music, all your fave food vendors appear too! There’s going to be loads out and about this year so make sure you stop off and refuel. For the carnivorous of you, Smoke BBQ are sponsoring the Peace Gardens stage this year and treating us to a pop-up stall for all your takeaway needs (there’s whisperings of one at Ponderosa too!).

Tramlines Ticket

Whilst you’re not particularly scuppered without a Tramlines ticket this year thanks to, probably, the best Fringe thus far; all you’re favourite artists are more than likely playing ticketed venues.

Tickets are onsale still and can be picked up from the gates!

Don’t be the one without.


We’re doing it. We don’t care if it’s tempting fate. Picture it as more a will of destiny. The sun will come out, tomorrow.

If the temperatures get anywhere close to the Dizzy Rascal heights they hit earlier this week, it’s going to be warm. Slap a bit of cream on (that apply once stuff is mega) and bronze away!

But best of all, have a reyt good time. We will. We’re sure you will.

Yes Tramlines.



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