6 Photos Of Big Yorkshire Puddings To Make British People Feel Happy

Never mind just making British people happy, these top puds are bound to make every single Yorkshireman, woman, and child glow a warm batter-y glow inside.

This pile of posh puds.


This dream dinner served inside a gigantic mother of a Yorkshire.

Festival food #yum #glastonburyfestival #yorkies #yorkshirepudding

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These two filled with stew.


This majestic beauty.

These golden beauties.


These individual treats that are rising to freedom.

Mmm, there’s so very little that (when done right, drowned in gravy, and Hendos) is better than a proper Yorkshire Pud. Want to learn how to master one yourselves? Get yourself on our Catering courses and be producing golden beauties prime for filling and devouring!



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