Imagine Having A Ferrari Built Just For You!

So, it turns out that if you put your money where your mouth is, Ferrari are more than happy to oblige. More than happy! Your own car, unique model, own spec, just stump up the cash and Ferrari will get on the job. As I said, more than happy.

Asking nicely won’t go amiss, and this British chap (show off), has gone and done so.

Ferrari unveiled its latest creation: a one-off supercar called the 458 MM Speciale.

The car has the chassis and engine/transmission combo of the 458 Speciale. You might not be able to immediately tell by looking at it, but it features a unique aluminum body designed in-house by the Ferrari Styling Centre.


According to Ferrari, the client asked for sporty lines (no kidding) and also requested a “visor” look for the cabin glass layout. That led to the design you see above, accentuated by black-painted a-pillars that give a seamless visual transition from windshield to door window.

Take into account the additional air intakes for cooling around the car and the result is  not terribly distinctive but I would turn my nose up at it. No way.


Whoever you might be, Mr Show Off, please do us a favour. In fact, do us all a favour. Don’t crash it. Treat her well, but don’t neglect. And if you fancy doing up your own car, at budget price or whatever, then you need to check out our Motor Vehicle courses here at The Sheffield College. We can always dream of an Italian Supercar, can’t we…


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