5 Essential Songs By The Stone Roses

It’s nearly upon us. We’re just one day shy. One day shy of euphoria. One day shy of four dates of magic. One day shy of the start of The Stone Roses highly anticipated dates at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

After being treated to new music (on two separate occasions!) for the first time in 21 years from Manchester’s founding fathers, Roses fans are undoubtedly beyond excited today. Here’s 5 songs that define the Madchester band:

Sally Cinnamon (1987)

High praise for Sally Cinnamon: Noel Gallagher said that when he first head the song, “I knew what my destiny was.”

Indeed, it marks the first major song from the band to feature their classic ‘jangling’ sound, and was originally released in 1987.

The band signed to label Silvertone in 1988, and when they started to become popular their former label FM Revolver decided to cash in and re-release the single.

They also made a video for the song, which was hated by the band, so Ian Brown and his bandmates stopped by the FM Revolver headquarters on the way to the studio and trashed the offices with paint.

They were fined £3,600 for damages, but at least the incident possibly inspired the artwork for their 1989 debut.

This Is The One (1989)

An album track from The Stones Roses’ debut proved their worth outside of the realm of singles, and went down as a live favourite, but ‘This Is The One’ actually started life way back in 1985 when the band were locked in a room by their record producer Martin Hannett and told they weren’t allowed out until they wrote a song.

The song started life shorter and faster, but eventually grew into the dynamically shifting epic fans know and love today.

It was touch and go whether it would even make the record, with producer John Leckie telling Q Magazine in 2000: “There was always a big question as to whether it should go on the record. It worked real well live, a bombastic thing that got faster and faster and was a bit Nirvana-ish.”

Good job it made it, it’s one of the finest Roses cuts.

I Wanna Be Adored (1989)

The opening track of the debut album sets the tone perfectly, with a once brooding bassline slowly being joined by more band members to form that classic Stone Roses sound, falling somewhere between typical Madchester and shoegaze.

Contrary to popular belief, the song is not in fact about Ian Brown’s desire to be loved by the masses. Speaking to Clash Magazine in 2009, the singer said: “I didn’t actually want people to adore me. I was trying to say then, if you want to be adored, it’s like a sin, like lust or gluttony or something like that.”

Fool’s Gold (1989)

Arguably The Stone Roses most recognisable song, ‘Fool’s Gold’ became one of the defining hits of the ’90s (despite being released at the very tail end of the ’80s).

The band’s biggest hit at the time, it was the first Stone Roses single to reach the top 10, and stayed in the top 75 for 14 weeks.

It was originally intended to be a b-side to ‘What The World Is Waiting For’ (presumably due to its radio-unfriendly length), but the band were convinced by producers to release the two tracks as a double A-side.

That famous bassline is actually inspired by ‘Know How‘ by Young MC, and the song was written over James Brown’s ‘Funky Drummer‘.

Waterfall (1995)


Made of Stone. One Love. She Bangs The Drums. Elephant Stone…you can see where this is going.

There are that many great tunes by The Stone Roses it’s near enough impossible to scale it down to 5 tracks of essential listening. Thing is, if you’re hooked by one of the songs, you’re more than likely going to be hooked by all of the songs. That’s just how it is. Brown’s a godlike genius (NME recognised, too!).

Waterfall creeps into the final spot of songs that define The Roses due to it’s anthemic nature. It’s strong grove. Magnificent riffs. And it’s one of the best songs of all time. It’s going to be special.

The Etihad. June 20116. It’s going to be special. If you wish to have anywhere near as much of an influence in the music industry as these lads have, you’ll want to feast your eyes upon our Music courses. With top new facilities and great links in the industry, you’ll be daft not to click here for more info!


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