Losing Nemo

You may, or may not, have seen our article last week about the Great Barrier Reef. It really is great, but it’s being destroyed. Quickly. Global warming is hacking away and the natural beauty spot is disappearing. And as the reef disappears, so will it’s natural inhabitants. That’s right; Nemo, Dory, and co will be homeless.

As a fantastic way of showing you exactly what damage is being done, BuzzFeed have put our Finding Nemo friends in the scenario of the declining Barrier Reef. These scenarios are to become reality if we don’t do something about it. And the Disney classic will soon become a sad reflection of past beauty.

The irony of not needing to find Nemo because he won’t be lost within the reef but instead just be non-existent is a real tearjerker!

And the beautiful friendship between Dory and Marlin wouldn’t have occurred. Nor would Dory be starring in a spin-off

Fish are friends, not food. Well the sad reality, Bruce, is there won’t be any fish to be friends with, never might deceive and then eat!

Here's Bruce the shark, trying and failing to hide behind some coral because his home has been destroyed by the ravages of climate change.

And Crush, the turtle of all turtles, probably would have his annual migration down the EAC (East Australia Current), man, affected.


Maybe that adds a bit of perspective. It’s a real diabolic situation that needs immediate attention. It needs people willing to get things sorted. Investment of time and effort. Our Environmental Conservation courses are about getting that sorted. Click here to see more of the course and get helping now!


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