How long did this Lego fox worth $15,000 last before it was destroyed?!

Pride. The overwhelming emotion upon completing a project you’re dead happy with. Something unique, something special, something you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Something you don’t really want to be broken, a bit like this…

Disney’s latest hit film, Zootopia, has been defying all odds and is performing exceedingly well in current box office charts. In fact, the comedy-adventure that sees a rabbit partnering with a wily fox in the police force has just crossed the £1bn mark!

It should come as no surprise then that Zootopia is attracting a lot of media attention. So much attention that Chinese Artist, Zhao, has created a large-scale replica of the fox (Nick) made entirely out of Lego.

It looks/looked something a little like this…

Impressive? You bet! The Lego fox cost all of around $15,000 to make, so we’re hardly talking pennies here are we?!

You can see why you’d be pretty chuffed with making something like that. It clearly took a lot of time and effort, and it really is quite cool. Look at Zhao’s face; he’s made up!

So when the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China, opened last week, the last thing Zhao would have wanted is the fox sustaining injury. Injury would have been bad enough, but death was obviously the worse.

I’m sad to announce that within an hour of the fox’s life in the public domain, a tragic, yet fatal, accident occurred. A small child accidentally knocked Nick the Fox over and Lego littered the floor again.

Zhao was offered compensation, but politely declined after insisting the boy didn’t mean to do it.


Thankfully at The Sheffield College we have no kids running around banging into your Lego masterpieces. We do have Lego courses, however, to get you building masterpieces such as the above (with the added fun of turning them into robots!!). Click here for more information now.


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