Leicester City: The Movie?!

Ok, this one’s for a bit of fun on your Sunday afternoon. Leicester City have won the league (have you heard, it’s been covered relatively quietly!) and there’s all sorts of things in the pipeline off the back of it. Not least a film. Or two. Films about the team. Films about Vardy. Crackers! Anyway, Buzzfeed have imagined who would play who. Here it is…

Christian Bale is…Jamie Vardy

bale vardy

Vardy, a young 29-year old from the Steel City of Sheffield, is this season’s breakout star, seemingly coming out of nowhere to become one of the most talked about players of the year (just five years ago he was stuck playing non-league football).

He’s worked his way up through lower league clubs, breaking records and setting new ones as he goes, and is a real story of grit and determination.

Who better to encapsulate that hard working attitude than Christian Bale, who always gives 100% to his roles and is likely to go full method on such a project, training intensely to work on those Cruyff turns.

Ryan Reynolds is…Christian Fuchs

Reynolds fuchs

The Austrian international is a power-house in Leicester’s defense, and has been instrumental in keeping the team’s points tally high.

We think he bears more than a passing resemblance to the charismatic Canadian, and with Fuchs gleefully sharing footage of the team’s celebrating, we think he could be a perfect fit for a Deadpool style, 4th-wall breaking narrator.

Vinnie Jones is…Nigel Pearson

jones pearson

The outspoken manager was quickly dropped from managerial duties at the start of the season, but he still played a huge role in the overarching narrative.

His sacking and subsequent replacement is one of the reasons Leicester were odds on favourite to be relegated to the Championship for one.

Only football hardman-turned-actor Vinne Jones could really do him justice.

Robert De Niro is…Claudio Ranieri

Deniro claudio

Not many would be able to handle Ranieri’s trans-European accent, but we think De Niro would probably be up for the task with his Italian heritage.

They’re of a similar age too, and while De Niro may need his hair tousling a little, we think he’d be a perfect fit.

Gary Lineker is Gary Lineker

The former Leicester city legend turned TV punditry crisp man, Lineker had been famously cautious about his home team’s chances, saying he’d present Match of the Day in his undies if they did the unthinkable.

Well, they have done. And we spy a perfect opportunity for a celebrity cameo from Lineker. Bepanted of course.

When you’ve enrolled on one of our Sport courses, signed a professional contract, won the premier league, and had a film made about you…who’s playing you? You have free reign. Anyone you like! Well?

Well, it starts with a Sport course here at The Sheffield College, so don’t get ahead of yourself and give the link a little click!


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