These Photos of Food Will Give You Trust Issues

Should you, shouldn’t you…?! Well you have. You’ve decided you’re going to treat yourself. A little indulgence in your favourite food. You’ve been looking forward to it all week. Craving it. Visions of the perfectly cooked meal. And then…

1. This panini.

This panini.

2. This.


3. This pizza.

This pizza.

4. This brownie.

This brownie.

5. These potato skins.

These potato skins.

6. These pancakes.

These pancakes.

7. This Burrito.

8. This chocolate who can’t face up to the facts.

And this one.

19. This demonic ice cream.

And definitely this one.

23. And these horrifying bananas – if you even call yourself bananas!

And these horrifying bananas.

Just imagine the horror! All the waiting. All the build up. All the disappointment. Literally all of it! A great way to guarantee great grub is by making it yourself, The Sheffield College way. Check out our Catering courses and never suffer such disappointment again!


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