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The 12 longest serving football managers in European history

There’s likely going to be a few managerial changes after Euro 2016 comes to a head. The end of the Euros also signals a step toward the start of all the domestic leagues. In turn that also signals the start of the crazy world of Premier League football. Transfer sagas and managerial merry-go-rounds! But who’s done the best to stay off the roundabout the longest?

12. Vittorio Pozzo, Italy — 19 years

Years as manager: 1929–48

We begin with a manager who has lifted two World Cups, taking Italy all the way in 1934 and 1938. Considered a tactical pioneer, Pozzo was one of the first managers to instigate pre-match training camps for the players, saying “I want players I can trust so I can work with a group of men who are both physically and mentally strong.”

11. Valeriy Lobanovskiy, Dynamo Kyiv — 19 years

Years as manager: 1974–1982, 19841990, 1997–2002

Lobanovskiy coached teams as diverse as the Soviet Union, UAE, Kuwait and Ukraine, but he’s best known as the coach for Dynamo Kyiv, which plays in the Ukranian Premier League. He won 13 league titles with Dynamo and became known for his highly scientific and discliplined approach.

10. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal — 20 years

10. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal — 20 years

Reuters / Alex Morton

Years as manager: 1996 – 

One of the giants of the Premier League, Wenger has taken Arsenal to three Premiership titles and six FA Cups. Fans and pundits have begun to wonder how much longer Wenger will stay with the team, but there’s no denying his impact on the English game and the worldwide popularity of Arsenal.


9. Juan Santisteban, Spain Youth — 20 years

Years as manager: 1988–2008

Santisteban played for the legendary Real Madrid of the 60s before taking on Spain’s national under-16 side. He won six European titles with the team — many of them with players who weren’t even born when he was appointed.

8. Francky Dury, Zultse VV/Zulte Waregem — 22 years

Years as manager: Zultse VV 1990–1993, 1994–2001, Zulte Waregem 2001–2010, 2012–

Dury managed Belgian side Zultse VV for all of the 90s before the team merged with KSV Waregem to become Zulte Waregem, which he continues to manage to this day. Dury didn’t leave his job as a policeman until Waregem made it to the last 32 in the 2006/07 UEFA cup, having just won the Belgian league.

7. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United — 27 years

Years as manager: 1986–2013

It’s hard to imagine another manager in English football having a run as successful as Alex Ferguson’s reign at Manchester United. He won an astonishing 13 Premier League titles with the club, as well as three FA Cups. Perhaps his crowning achievement was in 1999, when United won the Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup to claim the hallowed treble.

6. Ignacio Quereda, Spain Women — 27 years

Years as manager: 1988–2015

Quereda enjoyed a nice run with the Spanish women’s team, taking them to the 1997 UEFA European semi-finals and the quarters in 2013. His best moment was probably beating Slovenia 17-0 in 1994, which is still the equal record margin of victory in any UEFA senior competition fixture.

5. Ronnie McFall, Portadown — 30 years

Years as manager: 1986–2016

McFall joined Northern Ireland’s Portadown, a team he used to play for, in the same year as Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United — which gives some idea at how long his reign lasted. He took the team to four Northern Ireland Football League Premiership titles before stepping down in March.

4. Mickey Evans, Caersws — 31 years

Years as manager: 1983–2007, 2009–

Evans was 36 when he became a player-manager for Welsh second division side Caersws. He’s still there at 68, having won three league cups and coached the team into a place in the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2002. When he’s not managing football or scouting for players he continues his job as an oil worker.

3. Bill Struth, Rangers — 34 years

Years as manager: 1920–1954

Bill Struth holds a special place in Rangers fans’ hearts after a brilliant tenure of 18 Scottish league titles. His greatest moment came in 1947, when the team won the Scottish treble of league title, Scottish Cup and League Cup. His portrait still hangs in the team’s trophy room.

2. Willie Maley, Celtic FC — 43 years

Years as manager: 1897–1940

Rangers rival Celtic also had an extremely long-serving manager, and under Maley the team won 16 league titles and 14 Scottish Cups. In fact Maley won 1,045 of his 1,614 Celtic games, and went against the wishes of the club’s owners by focusing on training youth rather than spending lots of money on established players.


1. Guy Roux, Auxerre — 44 years

Years as manager: 1961–2005

The longest serving manager of a single football team is Guy Roux, with a remarkable 44 years under his belt. His association with French side Auxerre actually spans 53 years, having begun his career there as a player back in 1952. It’s safe to say Roux played the long game with Auxerre: an amateur team when he became manager, they reached the French Cup final in 1979, were promoted to Ligue 1 in 1980 and became champions in 1996.

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10 Sings of Old Sheffield You Can Still See Today

Much of the history of the Steel City of Sheffield focuses on the foundries, ironworks and coal mining. Although these industries gave Sheffield its name and reputation as an industrial boom town, let us not forget that the city was here for a long time before all that.

Here Wow247 look at some of the historic sites and buildings dotted around a place that’s steeped in culture and industry. Some you are likely to pass quite often and some are a little to find, but all are worth a look.

1. The Bear Pit


One of the best surviving examples of a bear pit in the UK, this Grade II listed structure was built in 1836 and originally housed a black bear. You can take a selfie with a bear sculpture, which was installed in 2005 to remind visitors what the pit originally was used for.

2. The Old Queens Head


Another Grade II listed building in Sheffield is the Old Queens Head pub – likely named after Mary Queen of Scots who was imprisoned for a time in Sheffield Castle. This timber framed pub is believed to have been built in 1475 and remains open as a public house so, who’s getting the next round in?


3. Victoria Quays

#victoriaquays #quays #sitevisit

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This huge canal basin was completed in 1819 and served as the terminus for the Sheffield Canal. It was restored in the early 1990s and now houses offices, apartments and berths for leisure boats. There are a number of beautiful Grade II listed buildings remaining on the site that were originally warehouses for grain and coal merchants.

4. Sheffield Manor Lodge


Sheffield Manor – sometimes known as Manor Lodge or Manor Castle – was a country retreat built in 1516 for the 4th Earl of Shrewsbury to the east of the city centre. There are several sections of the original Manor still standing, most notably the Grade II listed Turret House. The nearby Norfolk Park is all that remains of the vast deer park in which the Manor was situated.

5. Coles Corner

A local name given to the corner of Sheffield’s ‘High Street’, it used to be the home of the Cole Brothers department store. The building now houses various retailers and businesses and is well known (by those of a certain age) as a location to meet your date.

6. The Boardwalk Nightclub


A very popular bar and nightclub back in the day, this venue on the corner of Bank Street played host to up-and-coming bands from the local area as well as touring bands looking to gain a following. From the 1960s onwards, the club had a special place in the hearts of Sheffield music fans. Although now closed, it once played host to a number of very popular bands such as The Sex Pistols, AC/DC and Genesis.

7. Park Hill Flats

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Currently the largest Grade II listed building in Europe, this giant complex featured 995 flats and maisonettes as well pubs, shops and outdoor areas. It was built in the 1960s to replace dilapidated back-to-back houses and terraced streets. Although Park Hill has stood empty for some time now, it’s being slowly restored to its former glory.

8. Police box


No, it’s not the TARDIS – although you’re not far off. Situated outside the Sheffield Town Hall, this police box dates back to the 1920s and was one of 120 littered throughout Sheffield – it now remains as the only one in the city and is a rare sight in England.

9. Somme Barracks

A large military building, the Somme Barracks is owned by the Ministry of Defence and houses part of the Territorial Army. It’s a Grade II listed building and has been in use by the army since its completion in 1907. Surprisingly, there have been several exhibitions on the premises and the barracks are even used to host professional wrestling matches.

10. Megatron

Not a giant shape-shifting robot, but an unlikely nickname for a network of Victorian tunnels and storm drains under Sheffield. Not for the faint-hearted, but ideal for the urban explorers in the area, Megatron has proven an interesting and challenging exhibit. Believed to date back as far as the 1870s, the tunnels lead under Ponds Forge and Sheffield Train Station and form an important piece of Sheffield history.

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These are the worst mistakes made in job interviews

Job interviews are horrible. Utterly horrid. The pressure, the judgement, the nerves. You never know exactly what to say with different people taking things in different ways! Here, however, are some foul mistakes Business Insider UK have seen – so you can avoid them!!

Being too general.

22. Being too general.

REUTERS/Gary Cameron

You have one shot to demonstrate your knowledge and skills — so be as specific as you can when answering questions. Don’t answer questions with “yes” or “no.” The interviewer shouldn’t have to feel as if he or she is carrying the conversation.

Tip: Review the projects you’re most proud of before heading into an interview. It’s easy to forget the details even if it’s your own work.

Typos in your cover letter, CV, or résumé.

Your command of written English — spelling, grammar, and punctuation — is a shorthand test of your intelligence, or at least of your ability to memorize the rules of the language. Typos make you look unintelligent, even though smart people make mistakes all the time.

Tip: Get someone else to edit your letter and CV before you send them.

Being overly sarcastic or negative.

17. Being overly sarcastic or negative.

Business Insider / Matt Johnston

We do not expect you to be a cheerleader. But if we hire you, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, so we don’t want you killing the buzz.

Tip: Just be nice. Smile.

Trying to negotiate your salary in the first meeting.

We get that you’re trying to make sure you aren’t wasting anyone’s time. But asking salary questions early marks you as a rookie.

Tip: Remember that this is a process. The further you get through the process, the more it shows we want to hire you, and the stronger your negotiating position eventually becomes.

Using a photo of your dog or kids — or a bad picture of yourself — on your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts.

If you’re using those personal email accounts to apply for jobs, then we also see Mr.Snuffleupagus when you send us your CV/résumé.

Tip: Send test messages to a friend who will let you see how all your email/social accounts appear to others, and sanitize accordingly.

Putting career “objectives” at the top of your résumé.

8. Putting career "objectives" at the top of your résumé.

Skye Gould/Business Insider

Young candidates pad their CVs with fluffy, clichéd career-goal statements.

Do not do this!

Tip: We want to see only a simple list of your education and work experiences, and maybe a list of other useful skills at the bottom.

Being “low-energy.”

3. Being "low-energy."


Demonstrating the correct level of “energy” during a job interview is a tough call. You want to demonstrate that you’re a low-drama person — but not a monosyllabic introvert. You’re happy to be here, but we don’t want you bouncing off the walls like a crazy person.

Tip: If we can see you’re excited at the idea of working for us, we’re more likely to get excited about the idea of giving you a job.

Making your CV three pages long when you have no experience.

Don’t worry about your CV not looking full enough — that’s OK. We don’t have a lot of time to figure out what your job history is.

Tip: Less is more with résumés — we skim them for only about 30 seconds, anyway.


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Thirteen books everyone should read

Everyone loves a good book! The hardest thing about a book, is choosing which book you want to read. Too much choice, what to go for?!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are 13 books that you should read, no questions asked, if you haven’t done so already. Classics!

1. For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway (1940)

2. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller (1961)

3. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster (1961)

4. East of Eden by John Steinbeck (1952)

5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey (1962)

6. Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations

7. Dune by Frank Herbert (1965)

8. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (1955)

9. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (1959)

10. Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy (1985)

11. Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky (1880)

12. Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins (1984)

13. Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut (1969)

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18 Festival Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

To celebrate the start of Glastonbury tomorrow, here are BuzzFeed’s top 18 Festival Foods you do not want to miss this summer!

1. The Cheese Truck

The Cheese Truck

The Cheese Truck / Via Facebook: thecheesetruck

The Cheese Truck celebrates the best of British cheese by melting an absolute ton of it between hearty slabs of bread with toppings, resulting in mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches.

Festivals: Wilderness, Festival No. 6, Green Man, Bestival, Common People, Lovebox, Glastonbury, Blue Dot, Port Eliot, End of the Road

2. Pho Sho

Pho Sho

One of London’s latest street food eateries, Pho Sho is hitting the road this summer, taking along with it a take on Vietnamese food that specialises in pho, bun cha, and pork belly bahn mi.

Festivals: Shambala, Camp Bestival

3. Anna Mae’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Anna Mae’s Mac 'n' Cheese

Anna Maes / Via

Anna Mae’s is already famous in London for knocking up some of the tastiest street food in the city through its mac ‘n’ cheese dishes. One such dish finding its way to various music festivals this year will be the pictured mac, served with crispy bacon, basil oil, and fresh basil.

Festivals: Festival No. 6, Shambala, Green Man, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Field Day, Glastonbury

4. The Bell & Brisket

The Bell & Brisket

The Bell & Brisket / Via

This multiple award–winning street food eatery focuses on salt beef bagels, stuffing huge slabs of salt beef along with pickles, krauts, sauces, and cheeses into bagels and between slices of crusty rye bread.

Festivals: End of the Road

5. Twisted Burger Company

Twisted Burger Company

Twisted Burger Co. / Via Facebook: TwistedBurgerCompany

The Twisted Burger Company makes huge, stuffed burgers that include excellent options for veggies and vegans, along with loaded fries, thick shakes, and varied sides of everything from falafel to slaw. The menu is music-themed, from the Return of the Mac burger to the Cheesus Walks manchego cheese sauce. Sheffield’s Toddla T will even be designing his own burger for TBC for the duration of the city’s Tramlines festival.

Festivals: Tramlines, Glastonbury

6. Cafe Môr

Cafe Môr

Cafe Mor

Run by the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company, Cafe Môr is an award-winning street food stall that serves up fresh seafood such as lobster and crab. It even makes its own Welsh caviar, as featured in the pictured rum and mustard glaze smoked-salmon club sandwich, which also comes with avocado and pickled cucumber.

Festivals: Glastonbury, Green Man, Wilderness, Big Festival

7. The Hip Hop Chip Shop

The Hip Hop Chip Shop

Hip Hop Chip Shop / Via

“Imaginative and untraditional fish & chips inspired by the inventive and experimental ethos of hip hop culture” is the strapline for the Hip Hop Chip Shop. One such hip-hop–inspired dish is the Feastie Boys box, which consists of Golden Era Beer-battered sustainable fish biters, triple-cooked skin-on Maris Piper chips, chilli-batter onion “blings”, and minty mushy peas.

Festivals: Parklife, Secret Garden Party, Kendall Calling

8. Happy Maki

Happy Maki

Happy Maki / Via

Happy Maki specialises in freshly rolled vegan sushi. Its Renault Estafette (nicknamed Gloria) will be cropping up at numerous festivals throughout the year, serving up such dishes as its Thai Sweet Potato maki wrap, which is filled with sweet potato wedges, roasted coconut, avocado, cucumber, coriander, red pepper, and teriyaki sauce.

Festivals: Field Day, Love Supreme, Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, End of the Road, Festival No. 6, Port Elliot, Shambala

9. White Men Can’t Jerk

White Men Can't Jerk

White Men Can’t Jerk / Via Facebook: WhiteMenCantJerk

Based in London this street food vendor serves food based on a love of all things Caribbean – and Wesley Snipes films, it seems – but with a twist. Think curried mutton shepherd’s pie with a sweet potato mash topping, Red Stripe-poached fried chicken wings, and its signature jerk chicken, cooked on a custom-made smoking grill. Veggies can opt for jerk bean burgers, jerk halloumi, or tobago casserole.

Festivals: Field Day

10. Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker / Via Facebook: cluckyoutoo

Some of London’s finest fried chicken is making its way to various music festivals this summer courtesy of Mother Clucker. Expect tea-brined, buttermilk-soaked, twice-battered fried chicken, along with cajun fries and other goodness.

Festivals: Field Day, Lovebox, Visions, Red Rooster, Citadel

11. Voodoo Ray’s

Voodoo Ray’s

Voodoo Ray’s / Via Facebook: VoodooRays

Massive New York style pizza. Plain and simple. Already well-loved in London, Voodoo Ray’s will be hitting the road this summer to take its huge slices around the country.

Festivals: Field Day, Lost Villages, Glastonbury, Lovebox

12. Feral Food Store

Feral Food Store

This is self-described “dirty vegan” food and it’s as close to junk food as a vegan diet will allow. One such dish on offer is the burger above, which is stuffed with smoked tofu, tahini and coconut yoghurt, picked chilli, sumac, tomato, and pomegranate.

Festivals: Festival No. 6, Green Man

13. Mango Rays

Mango Rays

Mango Rays / Via

When not travelling the length and breadth of the country to feed stomachs at music festivals, Mango Rays is based in Manchester. It specialises in chillies, nachos, and curries and also has its own cheese and ale bar, which stocks over 20 different cheeses alongside wines, local breads, homemade chutneys, and real ales to compliment each flavour.

Festivals: Deershed, Glastonbury, Kendall Calling, Beat-Herder

14. Barnaby Sykes, Pie Maker

Barnaby Sykes, Pie Maker

Barnaby Sykes / Via

Good-quality homemade pies is the name of the game here, made from locally sourced ingredients and then served with generous portions of creamy mash (or chunky chips), proper gravy, and mushy peas.

Festivals: End of the Road, Secret Garden Party, Parklife, Camp Bestival, Green Man, Blue Dot, Common People

15. Luardos


Luardos focuses on one thing and does it very well: burritos. Meat and veggie options are available, and the tortillas are stuffed to the brim, making Luardos a surefire way to send that hangover packing and shake off the lack of sleep caused by “that” person in the tent next to you who decided to bring an acoustic guitar.

Festivals: Camp Bestival, Lovebox, End of the Road, Field Day

16. Ghandi’s Flip Flop

Ghandi’s Flip Flop

Ghandi’s Flip Flop / Via

Specialising in vegetarian indian food, this Cumbria-based stall knocks up a vegetable kedgeree (pictured) for breakfast and a series of curries throughout the rest of the day and night. Vegans are very well-catered for too, such as with the kathi roll dish: a roti bread filled with spiced chickpeas and peppers, topped with cucumber and mint raita, dressed cabbage, and a coriander and onion salad.

Festivals: Kendal Calling, Green Man

17. Goan Seafood Company

Goan Seafood Company

The Goan Seafood Company / Via Facebook: GoanCurrie

Based in Cornwall, the Goan Seafood Company focuses on plucking the freshest fish from its local waters and turning them into curries. At various places this summer, you can ease your morning hangover with a kedgeree breakfast or lunch from its stall, while at dinner it provides dishes such as Goan fish curry, Goan mackerel masala dahl, and fish caldine.

Festivals: Green Man, End of the Road, Womad, Glastonbury, Larmer Tree

18. Tim Peaks Coffee

Tim Peaks Coffee

Tim Peaks / Via

Initially starting as a bit of an in-joke between Twitter followers, this rolling coffee business, which goes to festivals across the country, was started by Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess. The focus is on his own blend of Fair Trade coffee, but Tim Peaks also serves a tasty selection of cakes and sweets.

Festivals: Kendal Calling, Field Day, Festival No. 6, Isle of Wight, Forgotten Fields


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Summer Solstice and Once in a Lifetime Moon!

Believe it or not, but today is officially the first day of summer! The weather might not be playing ball, but thousands will flock down to Stonehenge to witness the summer solstice this evening. The longest day of the year (in terms of sunlight anyway). But this year is extra special. It’s also the Strawberry Moon. Whilst this might sound like a mashup of The Beatles’ singles, it’s a very rare and extremely beautiful occurrence:

The name comes from the Latin solstitium meaning “sun stands still”. It happens because the sun stops heading north at the Tropic of Cancer and then returns back southwards.

In the northern hemisphere this means the days begin to get shorter.

But 2016 is a special year, because the solstice coincides with the Strawberry Moon, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

What is the Strawberry Moon?

It is a full moon, which occurs in June, named by early Native American tribes. It is a full moon like any other, but marks the beginning of the strawberry season. The two events coincide once every 70 years.

When is the summer solstice?

Where we are, in not-so sunny Sheffield, it can fall on different dates from year to year, between 20 and 22 June.

This year it’s happening today, Monday 20th June. The sun will rise at 4.45am and sunset will happen at 10.34pm

Why is the summer solstice significant?

The summer solstice is a special day for many as it means the start of the summer.

It has links to many ancient cultural practices as different cultures have celebrated it being symbolic of renewal, fertility and harvest.

Why is Stonehenge significant for the solstice?

Stonehenge in Wiltshire is the most popular place in the UK to celebrate the longest day because the prehistoric monument aligns to the solstices. The rising sun only reaches the middle of the stones one day of the year when it shines on the central alter.

It is thought the original builders of Stonehenge had taken giant bluestones from the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire to build the inner ring of stones at the monument for reasons that are not fully understood.

The English Heritage-run site is expecting around 20,000 visitors this year.

Make sure you’re still up to see the sun set, the Strawberry Moon is not set to seen again until 2062! If you’d love to learn about all things Science that happen around us all the time, our various Science courses are sure to fill you in. Check them out here!


The 10 best-paying UK jobs you don’t need a degree for

As it says on the tin; here are Business Insider’s 10 best-paying jobs you don’t need to go to uni for! In at number 10…

10. Journalist

Average pay: £30,998 ($49,117).

Current vacancy: Deputy head of editorial, digital, MNA Media.

While many more hacks have degrees these days than they used to, it’s still possible to break into the industry without a qualification — all you need is a good story and the ability to write.

Times columnist and author Caitlin Moran, pictured, had no formal education, let alone a degree, but began her career writing for the music magazine Melody Maker at age 16 after winning several writing competitions.

9. Military security

Average pay: £35,144 ($55,687).

Current vacancy: Enforcement officer, Dagenham.

The top level of security is dominated by ex-military. Employers value not only the level of threat intelligence gained in the armed forces, but also the organisational and logistical experience.

British Military Security, founded by two officers involved in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Iraq, does security work for large festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading. It also guards high-profile clients including the British Athletics team and West Bromich Albion Football Club.

8. Hazardous-waste manager

Average pay: £36,684 ($58,127).

Current vacancy: General operations manager, hazardous waste.

Firms such as Veolia and Suez Environment get rid of the nasty byproducts that are generated everywhere from hospitals to pesticide factories and petrol refineries.

Because of the level of skill and care required when handling these types of products, as well as the potential danger hazardous waste poses to those disposing of it, jobs in this sector are well paid.

7. HR manager

7. HR manager

YouTube/The Office

Average pay: £38,677 ($61,285).

Current vacancy: HR policy and engagement officer, University of West London.

While it may not be the most glamorous job in the office, the HR manager is probably among the most useful, keeping everyone happy, ensuring the office functions smoothly, and making sure everyone gets paid. Despite being essentially an administrative role, its importance means HR managers such as Toby from The Office (US), pictured, are well paid.

To get ahead in the industry you’ll need qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

6. Air traffic controller

Average pay: £41,011 ($64,983).

Current vacancy: Air traffic control assistant, Abu Dhabi.

NATS, or National Air Traffic Services, runs courses for people looking to get into the air traffic control industry.

The course takes a minimum of five months but can take up to 11 months depending on what areas you specialise in. The starting salary while taking the qualification is just under £12,000, according to Prospects, but once you qualify the pay quickly rises — and at the end of it you get to be like John Cusack in “Pushing Tin,” pictured.

5. Nuclear energy worker

Average pay: £44,494 ($70,502).

While almost everyone at the highest level in the nuclear industry will have academic qualifications, there are still some jobs that don’t require a degree — Homer Simpson initially got his role without one.

Most roles that don’t require degrees are still highly skilled but in a very specialised field, and the National Skills Academy for Nuclearruns courses to help people qualify for various roles.

4. Offshore oil-platform worker

Average pay: £49,278 ($78,083).

Current vacancy: Marine superintendent, Spencer Ogden.

An oil rig can involve long, tough, and dangerous work. Offshore rig workers at Maersk Drilling operate on a 12-hour-shift system, for example, and stay on the rig for months at a time.

Typical jobs include equipment maintenance, rig operations, drilling operations, and rig administration. Because of long shift times and lengthy spells at sea, employers pay well to entice workers.

3. Commodities trader

Average pay: £53,003 ($83,985).

Current vacancy: Soft commodity volatility trader, Dubai.

There are still plenty of traders in the City who joined the profession straight out of school. A good head for maths and the gift of the gab can be far more important than a BA.

Like many of the careers on the list, though, you need specific industry qualifications for the job. Traders must be approved by the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) also runs courses for bond traders.

2. Mining construction

Average pay: £56,260 ($89,146).

Current vacancy: Long-range planning manager, Williams Mining.

Like offshore oil-field work, mining construction can be hard work that takes up months of your life at a time. Much of the industry is based overseas, so anyone thinking of getting into mining has to be willing to work abroad.

Entry-level jobs can require specialised licences that let you operate machinery such as bulldozers. Building experience in other fields can also be valuable.

1. Equities trader

1. Equities trader

James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

Average pay: £59,475 ($94,241).

Current vacancy: Equity sales trader, investment bank.

As with commodities, it’s still possible to get into trading stocks and shares without a degree as long as you’re a good salesman — and have the necessary FCA and CISI approval.

The CISI Capital Markets programme can be taken without a degree, but candidates will need to pass an ethics test. Just don’t behave like Leo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” pictured.


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Drone footage of base jumpers in Norway is beautifully bonkers

Well, isn’t this a lovely end to your Sunday?! Some absolute mad-men launching themselves off some of Norway’s most beautiful scenery. Crazy!


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7 Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas That Are Perfect For Non-Morning People

Do you (STILL) need something for you Dad tomorrow? You’ve left it late. Super last minute. But that’s fine, no biggie. We’re here to help and help we can! Everyone loves breakfast, not everyone loves making breakfast though. Get on these top recipes and start your Dad’s day right (after all, what can go wrong from there?!). Oh, and did I say you can make them the night before too?

1. Try these three-ingredient froyo granola bites for mornings when you want something a little sweet.

Try these three-ingredient froyo granola bites for mornings when you want something a little sweet.

Betty Crocker / Via

Find the full recipe here.

2. These breakfast parfaits are ideal for mornings when you’re legit running out the door.

These breakfast parfaits are ideal for mornings when you're legit running out the door.

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All you need are yogurt, cereal, almonds, and berries. Here’s the full recipe.

3. These potato and omelet breakfast bites will be the perfect way to start your day. Just look at that cheese!

These potato and omelet breakfast bites will be the perfect way to start your day. Just look at that cheese!

Do It And How / Via

You’ll need tater tots, shredded cheese, sausage, peppers, eggs, and onions. Here’sthe full recipe.

4. Make these banana peanut butter overnight oats and you’ll actually want to wake up to them.

Make these banana peanut butter overnight oats and you'll actually want to wake up to them.

Bonus: They’re vegan and gluten-free. Here’s the full recipe.

5. Freeze these breakfast quesadillas the night before to wake up and taste the cheese.

Freeze these breakfast quesadillas the night before to wake up and taste the cheese.

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Get the entire recipe here.

6. Put these breakfast burritos together to feed an army in the a.m.

Put these breakfast burritos together to feed an army in the a.m.

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Get the full recipe here.

7. Or just be a badass and make these freezer-ready French toast sticks!

Or just be a badass and make these freezer-ready French toast sticks!

Here’s the entire delicious recipe.

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Glorious Shop Puns You’d Only Find In Britain

Us Brits love a good pun. Absolutely love it. Nothing draws us in quite like a silly name. Nor do laugh quite as hysterically at something that is quite obviously stupid! But, you notice it don’t you. You always notice it. That’s why it’s a cracking name for a Business. Here are some of our faves!


Admittedly some of them are a bit naff. Like actual cringes happen when you see them. But then you remember that you have a sense of humour and actually find them quite funny, remember the business, and use them!

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