Am I doing my workout right?

What’s worse than doing no exercise? Doing exercise, putting loads of effort it, but doing it totally wrong so you’re actually getting absolutely no benefit. Nightmare! Here’s how to make sure you are doing them right, courtesy of the BBC.

1.The right exercises, the wrong way?

You don’t need to be a gym fanatic to have heard of the plank, the push-up or the squat. You’ve probably had a go at them in your home or in an exercise class.

They’re three of the best exercises you can do to get stronger. I regularly use them to train my clients, whether they’re top professional athletes or just regular people who want to tone up.

And even better, they can be done anywhere, with no special equipment required. While they might look simple, there are pitfalls you need to avoid in order to get the full benefit. So what’s the right way to do a plank, a push-up and a squat?


Push-ups are one of the best ways to improve upper body strength. Use the arrows to scroll through this video demonstration of the standard version. Remember, this is a controlled move, so should be performed smoothly and slowly.


The plank is the ultimate way to develop a strong core. It’s a static exercise where you lie on the ground and support your body. But getting into the right position – and staying in it – is vital. Click or tap on the labels below to get my tips.


Squats work all the major muscles in your lower body. But there are common mistakes that make it less effective. Use the arrows to scroll through the video and see how to perform the perfect squat.

5.The next level

In order to get fitter and stronger, you need to keep pushing yourself. So once you’ve mastered the basics, consider moving on to these more difficult versions.

Feet elevated push-up


In this version, you perform the push-up with your feet raised up on an object, rather than on the floor


Why do this?

You’ll get a more intense upper body workout because of the increased resistance created by the position.

Side plank

In this version, you lie on your side, instead of your front, with your elbow directly underneath your shoulders. Repeat on both sides.

Why do this?

 As well as building functional core strength, it’ll help you develop a striking set of abs

Jump squats

In this version, you explode out of the crouch position into a jump.

Why do this?

As well as strengthening your legs, you’ll get your heart working.

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