Top Revision Tips To Give You A Little Hand With Your Exams

Isn’t it annoying when your teacher says “there’s no right or wrong way of revising, it’s what works for you.” Argghhh, yes it’s true so you can’t fault them for telling you it, but what should you be doing? Well, take in these tips for starters and things should look a little clearer…

Revamp your revision

Tired of the same-old same-old? Need to perk up your revision technique? Take a look at Plotr seven tips to revamp your revision. You’ll find a whole grab-bag of new ways to tackle your studies, from roping in friends and family to swap Monopoly for flash cards to taking a quick YouTube inspiration break. Yes, you heard it right – YouTube can actually help with your revision.

Discover your secret learning style

How do you learn new things best? Do you soak up information faster if you see it, say it or do it? We all find it easier in one of three ways – through looking, listening or through touch, depending on our personality. Try our handy learning styles checklist  to discover which learning technique works best for you and how you can use it in your revision from now on.

Get a mobile study buddy

If you have access to a mobile phone, Plotr shines a light on five handy revision apps  that are like a study buddy in your pocket. Discover free gems like Remember the Milk (a genius app for to-do lists) and iMindMap(a great visual aid). You can’t take a phone into exams, but you can still use one to revise for them.

Get rid of bad habits

Bad habits can sneak into your revision technique when you least expect it. They’re so sneaky you may not even know they’re there. Plotr’s guide on what to watch out for will help you spot any pesky habits and send them packing. See our 6 good study habits to pick up ASAP.

Take the Plotr exam pledge

Great results start with good intentions. Take the Plotr exam pledge, and we’ll throw in a cut-out-and-keep version for you to stick to your mirror for daily inspiration.

Jog your memory

Looking for a memory boost in revision time to help you soak up facts and figures? From super spider diagrams to discovering the secrets of the roman room, Plotr has some unforgettable tips to help boost your memory. Take a look!

Get revision tips from apprentices who passed their exams

Revising for exams? Exam dates creeping up on you? To give you a helping hand we asked three apprentices at Interserve what they wish they’d known before the big day. Their revision tips  and super-honest stories could help you on your way to exam domination.

Helpful? Hopefully so! So when you’ve passed your exams, got the grades you were after because you used our banging tips, and are looking at what to do next, just have a nosey through our courses. It’s dead simple, and they’re dead good. Click here for more information


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