This List Of Photo Stories Has Everything

Here’s some BuzzFeed photo stories from a few weeks ago. They’re lovely, enjoy!

1. “Lost Habitat for African Wildlife” — ABC

"Lost Habitat for African Wildlife" — ABC

Nick Brandt

“I love the overlapping concepts here, of taking images of what was and overlaying them with what is to make the viewer question what will become of an environment next. The photos are subtle but striking.” —Kate Bubacz, Senior Photo Editor, News

2. “Rediscovering Southern Roots” — The New York Times Lens Blog

"Rediscovering Southern Roots" — The New York Times Lens Blog

Amanda K. Greene

“All things Americana with Amanda K. Greene’s photo documentation of the South. Greene uses a simple and minimal approach to capturing those subtle details that are often overlooked. A great series with an even more beautiful aesthetic.” —Jared Harrell, Photo Editor, News

3. “The Romance of the Cinema Projectionist” — Creative Review

"The Romance of the Cinema Projectionist" — Creative Review

Richard Nicholson

“Richard Nicholson’s charming series of photographs takes us behind the lens (as it were) of projection booths across the U.K., giving viewers a rarely seen glimpse behind the scenes into the spaces and people who very literally bring film to life. This series of works will be on display in Birmingham as part of the Flatpack Film Festival, April 19–24.” —Ben King, Deputy Art Director

4. “An Addiction Made Public” — CNN

"An Addiction Made Public" — CNN

Dan Giannopoulos

“Dan Giannopoulos’s photo project Discarded Drug Baggies exists somewhere between social documentary and fine art. Since 2013, Giannopoulos has collected, photographed, and mapped the locations of colorful Ziploc baggies designed for transporting drugs, found on the city streets of London. The resulting body of work attempts to visualize a growing drug epidemic in England.” —Gabriel Sanchez, Photo Essay Editor

5. “New York City’s Blue Collar Industry Is Not Dead” — Time Lightbox

"New York City's Blue Collar Industry Is Not Dead" — Time Lightbox

Dakota Santiago

“The primary in New York this week was the first time in a long time that the primary actually mattered and the candidates were both locals. Time did a good job looking at how diverse the locals in New York City actually are, bending the idea of the local demographics.” —K.B.

6. “Iceland’s Ghost Fleet” — Vice

"Iceland's Ghost Fleet" — Vice

Eliot Stein

“Eliot Stein’s Ghost Fleet is a unique look at the fascinating history of Iceland’s airplane wreckage. Stein’s reporting and reportage-style photography combines to create a beautiful body of work.” —J.H.

7. “Omar Havana: A Look Back at the Nepal Earthquake” — Newsweek

"Omar Havana: A Look Back at the Nepal Earthquake" — Newsweek

Omar Havana

“Havana’s edit of work in Nepal provides a good overview of the sheer destruction of the earthquake and the terrible mismanagement of the aftermath.” —K.B.

8. “19 Iconic Photos From Prince’s Career” — BuzzFeed News

"19 Iconic Photos From Prince's Career" — BuzzFeed News

Getty Images

“Prince will always be remembered as the quintessential definition of the word ‘cool’. In 19 archival pictures from throughout Prince’s prolific career, BuzzFeed has put together a glimpse at all those things, both monumental and small, that made him who he was.” — G.S.

9. “If You Live in Romania, Your Laundry May Be Airing on Instagram” — The Washington Post

"If You Live in Romania, Your Laundry May Be Airing on Instagram" — The Washington Post

Catalina Hirean

This is a lovely project that shows that the details of life can make great photos — it doesn’t have to be dramatic to be good.” —K.B.

10. “23 of the Most Powerful Photos of the Week” — BuzzFeed

"23 of the Most Powerful Photos of the Week" — BuzzFeed


Guys, its been a week. Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

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