6 cool science jobs which don’t all need a degree

Fancy a Science job but not set on university? No worries. There’s a load of jobs which will be about in industry for you that don’t require you spending days doing admin or being qualified to degree level. So, without further ado, here they are…

GIS technician

What job means you can get to help hedgehogs cross motorways and keep construction projects safe for the environment, too? Being a GIS technician (Geographic Information Systems) lets you create futuristic maps that tell you more about the world than ever before. Often called mapping for the 21st century, GIS careers are an exciting blend of geography, information and civil engineering. Take a look at Costain and HS2 GIS graduate opportunities. It could help you map out your future career.


This may come as a “shock” but when you’re working with the raw power of electricity, science is never far away! You’ll be exploring electrical installations and circuits and using logic to solve problems. People will always need electricians, which is why this is a secure career (and often well-paid). With a Costain electrical apprenticeship you’ll get to pick up the science and maths side of things as you go. This is one science career idea that’s electrifying!

Data analyst

Want a cool job that’s likely to come with a cool wage attached? As a data analyst you’ll be hugely in demand for your ‘big data’ pattern-spotting skills. More and more companies are using big data to understand the patterns behind everything from music streaming to how people use social media at big events. You could work anywhere and on anything… your future prospects are massive when you get into big data!


Storm-chasing. People betting on a white Christmas. Trying to prevent another Hurricane Katrina or any of the other weather nightmares. You’ll get to work with all kinds of people from NASA to the Army  (and hey, you might get a slot on breakfast TV). Whatever happens with the weather, from climate change to huge meteorites heading for Earth, you’ll get to tell the world what’s going on.

Healthcare assistant technical officer

When a blood sample is sent for testing, who labels and logs it? Who mixes the drugs that hospital patients are given through a drip? Healthcare assistant technical officers do all these things. You’ll be involved with the technical side of diagnosing and treating patients. This is your chance to get into the laboratory and onto the career ladder straight after leaving school. You might say it’s a healthy career choice…

Park ranger

If you’re lost in a forest of career options, exploring the role of a park ranger could help you find your way! As well as enjoying the magical great outdoors, you’ll be studying natural sciences and using data from field surveys to make sense of what is happening to the land and what needs to be done to maintain it. You can get apprenticeships in this field too, leading to a career which could grow and grow.

You don’t need a degree, but obviously you will need a huge interest in science and the environment, and some qualifications of kind. Science related, environment related, health related. Luckily, you can do all those here at The Sheffield College. Click here for your Science courses, here for your environmental course, and here for your health courses.


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