The Next Jamie Vardy?

It was around the same time last year as Leicester City Football Club narrowly avoiding relegation back into the 2nd tier of English Football. It was a close run thing, but what followed has been described as the greatest fairytale of the sporting world, never mind just football!

Obviously you know the story; the emergence of Jamie Vardy from non-league Stocksbridge Park Steels, an unreal amount of goals from him, and Leicester somehow running away with the league. It still seems crazy, but we’re dealing with fact.

But what you might not be aware of, or who you might not be aware of, is a young protege following a very similar path to Vardy by the name of Brodie Litchfield.

Brodie, Sheffield-born, Stocksbridge Park Steels coached, and Sheffield College educated, is making waves on loan in non-league football and, as Leicester avoided the drop last summer, signed his first contract with Sheffield United.


Aged just 18, Brodie has been at Stocksbridge Park Steels for the last decade before joining The Sheffield College when he left school at the age of 16, enrolling on the ‘A United Future’ course. The programme gives late developing players and players who have previously played at an elite level the chance to continue to hone their footballing skills with the Blades, whilst working toward a vocational qualification. It was this programme that saw Sheffield United pick Brodie up.

At 16, Brodie became Stocksbridge’s youngest ever debutant and has since returned on loan after signing his contract with Sheffield United banging in goals at a ratio of over a goal a game.

The similarities are pretty clear and has led Chairman Allan Bethel stating “Brodie is better than Jamie Vardy when Brody was Jamie Vardy’s age.” As far as endorsements go, that’s pretty special.

So are we dealing with the next Vardy here? Maybe so, and here’s hoping. He’s a bit younger than Jamie Vardy was, and he’s been to The Sheffield College, but it’s looking promising for young Brodie!

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