Six of the best entry level job

First things first, let’s clear up what an entry level job is; ‘cos surely all jobs that you start have an entry, right?

An entry level job is probably one of the first jobs you will take in a professional capacity in a certain industry. The gateway to your future in said industry. Start at the bottom, work your way up – that kind of thing!

Here are recruitment agency, Reeds’, top 6 entry level jobs for your eyes…


Category: Accountancy

What they do – A Bookkeeper’s main role is to gather and record the financial transactions of a business, calculate their profit and loss, process invoices and, ultimately, detail how much money the company makes and spends.

Requirements –

You’re going to need to be good with numbers and have a keen eye on details. You probably won’t need a degree for entry level, but A-C in GCSE in Maths and English and good IT skills are essential. You can learn all things Bookkeeping with us on this course here!

Average entry-level salary – £18,000

Teaching Assistant

Category: Education

What they do – The main role of a Teaching Assistant is to provide support and assistance to a teacher to lighten their workload, help supervise students and provide extra assistance to those who need it. For some students, their presence is absolutely essential to help them get the most out of their education.

Requirements – As you’re going to be talking with children and parents pretty much all day, communication skills are key. You’ll need to have plenty of motivation to work with children, everyone knows they’re not the easiest all the time! Experience of working with children is important and our Teaching Assistant qualification will help loads!

Average entry-level salary – £12,000

Junior Web Developer

Category: IT, technology

What they do – Assist senior developers in all aspects of software development and implementation. Depending on the size of the company, their duties will range from planning and developing applications and writing programming code through to site updates, troubleshooting and coming up with initiatives to increase traffic.

Requirements – Well obviously, you’re going to need to be good with computers! But don’t think you have to have a degree, our Java Programming course is perfect to get you started!


Average entry-level salary – £18,000

Business Analyst

Category: IT, technology

What they do – BAs are responsible for analysing a business’s processes and investigating how they work. They then identify improvements that can be made, evaluate any problems that need addressing, project how feasible these improvements are and use all of the acquired information to present a business case back to the company which details the solutions.

Requirements – Yes you’re going to need some sort of a Business qualification to get going here. A degree in a Business discipline would be great but a Business A Level may also be a good way in. If you’re willing to start at the very bottom and progress, keep your eyes out for Apprenticeships and Junior Roles. Check out our Business courses here…

Average entry-level salary – £20,000

Marketing Assistant

Category: Marketing and PR, Media & Creative

What they do – The main duties of a Marketing Assistant can range from content creation and email copywriting through to communicating marketing plans to clients, producing pieces of collateral, conducting PR calls and helping manage social media accounts. For anyone looking for a career in Marketing, this is the perfect place to start.

Requirements – A good grasp of the latest marketing techniques and keeping yourself up-to-date in the industry you’re moving into are huge advantages. Again, a degree (Marketing/Business preferable, but not essential) can be a preferable but not essential, with a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification being just as valued! See our Marketing quals here…

Average entry-level salary – £18,000


Estate Agent

Category: Property

What they do – Estate agents market, let and sell properties, as well as providing services and advice for those looking to sell properties themselves.

Requirements – Entry-level estate agency jobs are all about your attributes. Aside from being self-motivated and a persuasive communicator, negotiation skills and the ability to sell are necessities. Most companies will offer on-the-job training to help get you up to speed on property practices, and vocational training is definitely one of the perks of the job.

Average entry-level salary – £14,000




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