Have You Seen Team GB’s 2016 Olympic Kit?

It’s the Olympics again this year which, quite frankly, is fairly disturbing that it’s been a full four years since the country was awash with London 2012 fever and we decided as a nation that we were actually pretty good at sports day.

Anyway, the 2016 Olympic kit for Team GB and ParalympicsGB has been unveiled, and people aren’t all that keen on it.

The kit — designed by Stella McCartney — is a distinctly British mix of red, white and blue and features a heraldic coat of arms.

Seems pretty standard…

…but there’s not much of it.

Critics have branded the men’s swimming kit as “skimpy,” and some questioned whether the manufacturers had run out of material.

“Looks like they forgot to finish the swimming trunks!” read one tweet.

“I wish they’d make Tom Daley’s pants bigger. So inappropriate,” read another.

Critics have branded the men’s swimming kit as “skimpy”.


I mean, I get where the critics are coming from. Modesty, young Thomas! Anyway, fancy a crack at something better than that? Check out our Fashion and Clothesmaking courses and make sure the next Olympic kit is worthy of gold!


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