Pets Who Have Mastered Snapchat

Despite being around for a wee while, Snapchat seems to have made an almighty comeback with faceswapping and mad filters the order of the fad. But it’s not just our human species who seem enthralled with defacing our faces. These critters love it too…

This furball:

2. This rad dude:

This rad dude:

3. DUG!


Maddie Barklimore / Via

4. This nerd:

This nerd:

5. This bespectacled creature:

6. This woof:

This woof:

7. This beautiful young lady:

8. This hard-bitten police captain:

This hard-bitten police captain:

9. This redundant mess:

This redundant mess:

10. This little mouse:

This little mouse:

Making animals looks silly/cute/weird, whatever, certainly isn’t a new thing. But, it’s unlikely you can make a career out of it. You can, however, make a career out of making animals look nice! Check our Animal Care and Management courses for more information. 


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