9 Google Goals for your path to self-improvement

When you’ve got a question, who do you ask, Google? Yeah we thought it might be. Most people do.

Trust their answers?! Course you do! Might as well get on board with these too then for a bit of self-improvement and to keep your brain active and healthy!

1. Schedule a stretch session every day.

Animation Domination High-Def animated GIF

We all know it’s unhealthy to sit at your desk for hours, but until you need to go to a meeting or use the bathroom, you may forget to get up and move around. Have a Goal to take a break every few hours at work; your lower back and concentration will thank you.

2. Keep a virtual (but protected) diary.

We highly recommend the Five Minute Journal app for quick diary entries. Studies suggest that expressing your feelings daily, writing down things you’re grateful for, and in general letting things “out” is good for you. And this method is way safer than a Twitter rant. Set Goals to remind you to use an app or a real-life notebook once a day.

3. Call your mother

Human interaction is essential for a healthy brain, and you may be isolating yourself without realizing it. A few time per week, set Goals to remind yourself to call or text a friend or loved one you don’t typically interact with every day.

4. Train your brain.

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Apps like Elevate Brain Training (free on iOS and Android) encourage you to “exercise your brain” by playing daily games to help your memory, concentration and ability to retain and understand information. Or, you can use a deck of cards and some poetry, like mental athlete Nelson Dellis.

5. Remind yourself to keep up with that one habit or chore you always “forget.”

Whether it’s flossing or drinking a certain amount of water every day, use Goals to remind you to complete the daily habits you conveniently forget. These don’t have to be health related; maybe it’s planning your outfits the night before work or making your bed every day for a week — whatever habit you wish to adopt but always forget.

6. Learn to code.

The idea of learning to code can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but if you set Goals for a new level or skill every week, before you know it you’ll be a coding master. Check out Mashable‘s “Coding 101” guide.

7. Read more.

reading animated GIF

If you’ve tried to read more and are still having trouble, set Goals to remind you to read a chapter a week, or whatever timeframe works for you. You can also use the Bookling app to keep track of how much you’re reading, down to the page number.

8. Learn a new language.

There are hundreds of apps and programs dedicated to learning another language, but they only work if you use them. Use Goals to remind you to practice, or repeat a new phrase out loud every day.

9. Plan a big project.

If you have a big project coming up, whether it be at work or Christmas shopping, set smaller weekly Goals for yourself to prevent yourself from scrambling to finish last minute. This is especially helpful for those who are in college and concerned about upcoming final exams.

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