People are sharing what products really look like compared to their ads

We all know we’re a sucker for an advert. And we all know we’ve bought things because ‘the advert made me’. And we all know that usually it looks nothing like the advert. Like these…

1. One of your five a day

Picture: Rustybaker28/Reddit

2. I tort I saw a melted bird face

Picture: HullCityHateCrew/Reddit

3. Close encounters of the bloated kind

Picture: NomaD5/Reddit

4. His (Rabbit) Hole-y-ness

Picture: cyclelicious/Classic Mountain Bike Forums

5. Panda ice creams are also close to extinction

Picture: YouCantTakeMySoul/Reddit

6. To be fair this one is never as delicious as you’d hoped

Picture: WeightAndGlory/Reddit

7. Dressing like the inside of a Crunchie is so in

Picture: BridesBeware/BoredPanda

8. ‘Meal’ for one

Picture: theimpulsivebuy/Flickr

9. “You know what would make this better – less chocolate” said no-one ever

Picture: LadyNarwhal/Reddit

10. Don’t disappoint the Fancy Beast in your life

Picture: Pumpernickleme/Reddit

11. Ice creams seem to be particularly deceptive

Hardly a surprise SpongeBob appears to be balling his eyes out, monstrosity! It’s really important your adverts are a good reflection of your product. That’s why we’re offering a Marketing, Advertising and PR Management course to help. Check it out here!


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