Peaky Blinders Fan Art

The boys from Birmingham are back on the tele tonight, and my word hasn’t it been eagerly awaited? I mean, I really can’t wait but this guy has been hit by the bug hard.

Spanish artist and graphic designer Guilllermo P. Larrauri was hooked on British TV series Peaky Blinders from the first scene.

When he saw Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) riding a horse across a smelly and muddy interwar Birmingham it struck him like no other series had previously.

Convinced it was “one of the best TV dramas produced in recent years,” he began painstakingly recreating the characters, reframing them in pop art and transporting them from Birmingham to his hometown of Bilbao.

Mashable spoke to Larrauri about his incredible fan art.

Guilllermo P. Larrauri with one of his larger homages to the BBC series Peaky Blinders

Guilllermo P. Larrauri with one of his larger homages to the BBC series Peaky Blinders


How long does each painting take?

It depends on the complexity, and the level of detail. One graphic work of two metres with multiple characters and an architectural environment in the background takes many hours. I could do a portrait on a plain background in a working day. Take into account that I’m working in big formats around 15,000 x 12,000 pixels.


Is this the first ‘fan art’ that you’ve done?

Well, I’ve created illustrations of football players, tennis players and professional surfers but we can consider this my first attempt at ‘fan art’ dedicated to a television series.

In terms of Peaky Blinders, I have many more illustrations in mind, but up until now this is all of the artwork I’ve created. Also, I want to create a series dedicated to the BBC’s Sherlock — including how the characters would interact between the two series.


Where did you get the idea for the paintings?

I imagined myself walking through the streets of a large English city, wrapped up in a big coat and wearing a tweed cap. I decided to use the period between filming, production and the release of a season to see what content I was capable of creating… In those moments, I decided to transfer Peaky Blinders to the Mediterranean, Bilbao, and a football game — we’ll see where it all ends.


What do you like about Peaky Blinders? Why did it inspire you?

I am an extreme fan, and I adore every second of the series. I can’t be very objective, it’s something that borders on the irrational. The script, the staging, the photography, the music, the actors — from the protagonists to the actor who only says one sentence, I think everything is fantastic.


Which is your favourite character and why?

Tommy Shelby seems to me like a perfectly constructed character. Cillian is superb, the contained way in which he expresses himself, his intelligence, his ability to anticipate — is brutal. Polly Shelby is also a really strong person, I would say perhaps the most complex in the entire series, and I think that Helen McGrory is amazing, I have a few illustrations that I’d like to dedicate to her.


But, of all of the protagonists, my favourite is Arthur Shelby.

His way of talking, his fits of violence, his psychotic profile — everything that he does he takes to the extreme and makes his character unique. I love him.

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