Your 2016 Festival Makeup Guide

So festival season is nearly upon us. We’re right on the cusp. And we can’t wait! Amongst the excitement of the muddy fields, late nights, and great bands we know that for some getting that festival makeup just right is just as important. Here’s some tips for you!

What’s Good have looked to the celebs and designers to see what the best festival makeup looks and trends are:


Do you have rainbow coloured hair? Or, perhaps you’re wearing a wig or a quirky hat. Whatever it may be, match your eye shadow to that colour for a great festival effect; as seen by Lily Allen at the 2015 British Fashion Awards.

Lovely in lace: Lily looked sensational in a metallic gown with a pretty floral pattern and long sleeves 
Carry this colour ascent through your entire outfit by painting your nails the same colour, wearing shoes that match and picking the accessories such as bangles, belts or earrings in the same colour.

Bold & Creative Motifs

Fetching, daring and unique eye makeup applications, sported by the models at the launch of the Maison Margiela’s 2016 spring range. The great thing about this trend is that there are no rules, you can let your creativity run wild. Anything goes, from feathers; fleur-de-lis or Woodstock inspired hippy daisy-chains, making it perfect for a festival atmosphere.
Festival MakeUp Painted

Decorate only one side of your face with motifs and patterns or repeat symmetrically either side. Designs do not have to be limited to your face. Designs can flow into your hairline or down the side of your neck.
Neither you nor your mates are much good at painting? Have no fear. Use decals. These can easily be applied to the face and can also be removed later just as easily, without the need for lotions and potions.

Glam Rock

Think of the classic makeup of old school glam rockers, from the band Kiss; but lets downplay the hardcore look by applying the designs in metallic, overly bright colours or pastels shades.

Another popular look is makeup based on Ziggy Stardust in tribute to the late David Bowie. A festival provides the perfect opportunity to dress up (besides Halloween) to wear outlandish and fun makeup. John Galliano models made use of the classic lightning bolt design for Maison Margiela in a metallic silver.

Makeup doesn’t need to be extreme to be glam rock. The good old smoky eye allows for some smudging, making this ideal for the extended wear of yesterday’s makeup.

Colour Blocking

Last year’s colour blocking fad can be carried on over into your makeup by wearing different and contrasting makeup on each eye and even your lips. It’s also quite the opposite of the matchy-matchy look we mentioned earlier. Once more, we look at Maison Margiela’s runway for inspiration.

Festival Makeup Essentials - Colour Blockling

AU Natural

If you are not going to the type of event where you can wear OTT makeup, or even if you are shy, the natural look is always a winner. Makeup touches won’t be necessary if you go for this no-mess-no-fuss option. Think Jennifer Anniston and Emma Roberts at the Smartwater Event at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

And if all else fails, there’s always the…

Festival Glitter Eyes

A striking look for your eyes is festival makeup glitter. Many brands of eye shadow have variations of an extremely fine glitter or shimmer infused in the powder or gel. The Le Disko range by Mac is definitely worth a peek as they not only have glitter eyeshadows but a variety of glitter mascaras, which accentuate your eyes. Every time you blink you will glimmer, shimmer and sparkle.

Festival Makeup Glitter for the eyes

Top Tips: Can’t afford to splurge on a new glitter eye shadow in shocking pink? Apply your own glitter over colourful eye makeup to achieve the desired look. Vaseline can be used to keep the glitter in place.

Need some help mastering the styles? Want to set your own festival trend? Or fancy styling the stars for their festival gigs? Whichever it may be, we have the course just for you. Click here for more information!


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