Leicester City – Champions of England

How has this happened? Why has this happened? Both questions require long winded answers. Answers that are not definitive. Answers that are flawed. Answers that, no matter how hard you try to get on board with them, they just don’t make sense.

But, it has happened. And it’s great isn’t it?!

This witty cartoon suggests that it might all be a dream, but it’s not.

The simple answer to those two questions is that Leicester simply stuck more points on the board than any other team in the league. As far as the purpose of league tables, isn’t that the aim? Isn’t it the point? The end goal?

Be the team in the league with the most points at the end of the season. Of course it is.

And Leicester have made it with all the fairy tale fanfare that encompasses such a feat.

You don’t always have to be viewed as the best to achieve the best. Prime examples above. And that’s pretty much true with most Sport. Put the work in. Get your head down. And be consistent. Check out the Sport courses we have on offer for you here at The Sheffield College today!



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